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You Can Choose: The Battle of Armageddon or Inner Peace

It's going on inside of you and every other human.
The Battle of Armaggedon is in ME???

For many of you, there will be no battle. You're consciously,
steadily choosing inner peace by doing Divine Openings.
You're freed or on the course to freedom.
You're over the hump.

You KNOW when you're there. There are no burning questions left
about life. Life is good. There's true inner peace. The endless seeking
is over. There is no scrambling about looking for "healing"
(a well-meaning but misguided New Age concept). 

If not you, many people you know are still struggling with the
small self, the aspect of us that resists this bright new world.

Even after Divine Openings Level One or even Two, you could be
cruising along in bliss, doing VERY well -- then the small self
pitches a royal fit and makes you think you've lost all your

You haven't.

A dip like that does NOT mean the Divine Openings path isn't
working and you must find something else to fix you or someone with
an answer. It just means the small self is really getting worried
that it's rule is O-V-E-R. It might stage a last stand.
It's just a small self bluff to distract you from what
was working.

If you can ask for Divine help and "be with it" til it's over,
that'll work. (Or read the book again, purchase the Diving In Audio Set or get private sessions.)
Let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

If you do need or just want support, come for more Divine Openings.
I help people win that battle in minutes, where it can take longer
to do it alone.

Within a day you'll no only be back on track,
you'll be light years ahead of where you were.


The mythic prophesy of Armageddon is about that inner struggle.
It happens inside of each of you, and the more consciously you greet
it, the less it will play out seemingly "outside" of you.

You are each a little mini-universe, all teetering on the
edge of a new dimension.

Who will win, the small self or the Large Self?

You'll hear no dramatic fear-mongering here. I won't tell you
you're in danger and must do something. I won't tell you there's
some dire deadline we must reach to avert disaster.
I won't tell you the world is going down the tubes.

It's not.

Those who say that are focused on what they do not want, and are
helping to create what they do not want.

You will each determine your own unique course. You can enter this
new dimension regardless of what the rest of the world chooses. It
is quite literally another world.

You don't have to "go out and save the world". "Go inside and save
your world", remember who you are, and you will not be able to stop
being a force beyond anything you can imagine.

All is well, you and everyone else are ultimately safe no matter
what happens. The worst that can happen is that you don't reach
freedom in this lifetime, and you die and go back to the bliss of
the oneness.

But isn't it nice to reach freedom here and now?
On this Earth, in this body.


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