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Free eBook Sampler: Things Are Going Great In My Absence

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Things Are Going Great In My Absence:  How To Let Go & Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

This is unlike any spiritual book you've ever read. The book actually transmits pure Divine Grace to you. It is truly, profoundly life-altering, both in the changes you'll see in your life, and the spiritual experiences you'll have.

You'll live as your powerful true self, free of the limitations of mind and emotions. You will discover what ease and joy really mean. Your outer circumstances will indeed change for the better, but your happiness will no longer hinge on the outer world. This is inner joy that can never be taken away from you.

For so long, we've been hearing "we create our own reality," but that knowledge only increased our frustration until there was a systematic way to actually do it that worked. Many are saying that they couldn't apply what they "knew"....until this book. That everything suddenly added up, and things started happening that they'd wanted for years.

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This could be the last spiritual book you ever need to read.

Here's what readers are saying:


"I just finished my fourth week of the book.  Life is getting soooo much easier.  Things are starting to manifest and flow to me also.  My whole outlook on life has changed.  My son keeps asking me if I am OK because I am so quiet at times. Heh Heh!  But I am only quiet because I have no more chatter in my mind, and I am at peace, and things are flowing to me, and I don't worry about the future.  I am in a peaceful place and what ever happens happens and I am OK with it.  This is the best birthday present I could ever receive." Mary

"My sister was going through some extremely difficult things, so I gave her your book to read on the plane. She had a major positive break through (in between airports). Now, a few months later, she is so blissed out, she reminds me of  you."   Nick, Minnesota

"I so enjoy doing the book.  I took it slowly, allowing each chapter to feed me.  I was skeptical about the ability of a book to have such a deeply felt blessing, but it was there, again and again.  I plan to re-read the book, and look forward to continued contact with you and the community you are building.  How exciting!"   Love, Martha P., Georgetown

"I purchased your book yesterday, read about a third of it last night, and quite honestly, I already feel the transformation working in me; amazing and wonderful!  As a diabetic, I have severe neuropathy in my feet but last night I slept without pain and woke up this morning feeling  energized and happy.  I am even more passionate about your work and service now that I have seen so briefly and quickly what the Divine Openings can do. Thank you for sharing your gift; I am eager to finish the book."   Martha Jones, Austin,  TX

"My first Divine Opening from the book caused a bolt of lightning-like energy to shoot through my body. By the third one, I had crystal clarity."    Katherine R

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