Hi All- So much has improved since starting D.O. - my overall vibration and attitude are up, up, up. I stress less and rave more. The money vibration, though, is one that I haven't really dealt with/dived into yet. I've just started listening to some Lola audios on money so I'm heading in the right direction. I have a lot of credit card debt (and one of the things I rave about is the credit card company for trusting me enough to give me credit!). My "story" (one I'd like to change) is that I've never been very wise with money and haven't been good at saving it. My partner and I share this credit card debt - which definitely causes some friction. We created the debt together, though - it's not just mine. I have a hard time distinguishing between the philosophy of not denying myself things I want/allowing money to flow and being financially responsible/saving money. How do the two co-exist? Would love some feedback. Thanks! -Tasha

Tasha, You're doing great!! Raving more and more will keep the energy moving. When I began Divine Openings money was the vibration I wanted to move up the instrument panel. I listened to the Dive In Audio regarding money to dive into the feeling behind the story, several times. It was the beginning of moving the energy. I listened to many of the audios regarding money; began to feel a new story. What helped me SO much was to ask myself, what would it mean to have the money? for me it was "relief"; then I would dive into that feeling. Over time, I noticed that I was feeling relief, even though the "money" hadn't shown up; and I couldn't pay all my bills and had credit card debt. I knew my energy was shifting when I stopped stressing,checking my bank accounts daily, planning and scheming and plain ole worrying about money; instead started soothing myself, laying it at the feet of the divine, writing new stories, appreciating what I could do with what I did have; listened for ways to budget and have fun. I felt the relief. Gradually money began to flow, I made decisions about the credit card debt and started to feel good. I put some $$ things on my God's List and let it go. Grace WILL do 90%, these are just some of the ways I did (and continue to do)my 10%. Jenenne Macklin Divine Ooening Giver

Tasha, the good thing about Divine Openings is that when Grace comes in and things start to move, there is no CONFUSION. I put it in caps so you can see where you are on the scale. In confusion everything is a bit muddy and unclear. Soothe yourself, feel it, soften around your vibrational habits and see how they change. It's all coming. Marnyka Buttry Divine Openings Giver marnyka@eztransformation.com