Feminine Power, Goddess Energy, and Feminine Essence

Article by Lola Jones, author, spiritual teacher, creator of Divine Openings... and yes, Goddess

Women are yearning to be more feminine. Operating in the masculine work world can drain women of their core essence, making them tired, listless, and depressed. But there is a way to light up your goddess self, and succeed in the masculine world without losing your core femininity.

I'll show you how.

I believe we're on the cusp of feminine goddess energy blossoming once more in society and government, and that will cause civilization to evolve in a more humane, prosperous, and peaceful direction.

Being incarnated as a woman this time around, it still took me awhile to learn to enjoy my feminine essence and live as the goddess I am. Now I find it a joy, a pleasure, and a privilege to be a woman at this time. The feminine, magnetic, attractive force brings ease and flow to life rather than having to work so hard.

But it makes as little sense to value, honor, and focus only on the Goddess "half" of God as it would be to value only your left hand and chop your right hand off.

On this Earth plane, we're all a combination of masculine and feminine, and I love and honor both aspects. Without the more active, assertive masculine energy we'd be ineffectual and passive. And without some feminine energy a man would lack sensitivity and connection with others, and would have to do too much to achieve too little.

Kirsten Stendevad, a women's leader in Copenhagen, Denmark remarked about my being a "goddess" (her term) when she interviewed me at the end of my 5 Day Silent Retreat.

feminine-power-goddess-energy-essenceAlthough I take it for granted and don't toss the word around, I truly am a goddess -- I reign over my domain, create my reality, and do it with a strong feminine magnetic energy rather than "going out and knocking it over the head and dragging it home" in the traditional masculine sense, like I used to do when I was a corporate consultant working in a more masculine mode.

I love this new more feminine phase of my life. It's  softer, more inner focused, and definitely deeper, richer, quieter, and yes, more powerful.

Your non-physical Large Self, Expanded Self, or God Self has no gender. It's not concerned with gender at all. And even on this physical plane, you could forget all about masculine and feminine and do quite well, creating a rewarding, powerful, fulfilling, contributory life. I think the masculine/feminine topic only comes up for people when one sex is feeling disempowered, one pole of the balance has been neglected, or when there's an issue that's screaming to be addressed.

Gender, male and female, are really only relevant in this Earth dimension we live in, and even then only as much you let them be. If you have any limiting feelings or beliefs about either gender, you've come to a good place. You'll get freedom from that here if you stick with it and don't confuse yourself with other modalities and paths. (I can't stress this enough. My book Things Go Great in My Absence  talks about how people who do many modalities and books and seminars are among the most confused and hopelessly discouraged people Lola encounters. More is NOT better.)


No need to fix anything....just expand, wake up and enlighten.

In Divine Openings we don't get under the hood and fix things and we don't have to "try" to balance the masculine/feminine. There's no need to. As you expand, wake up, enlighten and get free of lower vibrations all that takes care of itself. Men open up more to the feminine aspects of themselves, and women find their power in the outer world while embodying their truest feminine nature.

Divine Openings is not about you working on yourself, or working on anything, although the Grace of Divine Openings works on YOU. We don't try to fix the world-balance of masculine/feminine either. As each of you balance, the world balances a bit more--sometimes slowly--but surely society's evolution marches on.

Often I see women doing "goddess work", seminars, books, and ceremonies when they feel disempowered or feel the need to overthrow the masculine. Many women actually need to develop their masculine aspect, especially if they are struggling with money or not doing well with men. What you resist persists. Remember the old saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"?


Say yes to masculine AND feminine.


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The power is within YOU.
No one can take it from you.
Always was--always will be.


A few do goddess "worship" for a better reason: they've lost touch with their feminine essence and wish to reactivate it, to juice themselves up as woman. Hooray for that!

As a teen I felt disempowered being a woman, but by the Grace of God grew out of it and have never looked back. During my entire work life and then corporate career I never felt the slightest bit disadvantaged by being a woman, and haven't since, because I did develop my masculine aspect, that ability to go out and "knock it over the head and bring it home". I learned to play that game well, and it served well.

diving into the goddess energy and flowLife is about achieving balance, so the time came to return to my more feminine essence. Without realizing it, I was naturally drawn to grow my hair out long and begin to wear more feminine, lacy clothes. Inspired art, and then music began to very easily flow from the feminine core within me. I dived into deep wells of feelings that had frozen over and become stagnant, liberating massive energy and power. (Before Divine Openings, diving into lower feelings just got me stuck, so if you've tried this without Divine Openings, try it again with Divine Openings.)

Now since I've dived deep into the feminine, I feel ecstatic appreciation for how my feminine power brings ease and flow - how it has things come to me rather than having to do so much action to make things happen.

I don't reject the masculine, nor do I do Goddess ceremonies, nor do I speak about the masculine and feminine aspects that much. On the rare occasions I do talk in seminars about masculine/feminine, I talk about the Fertile Void as feminine, and the seeds of thought and intention we generate as masculine. The Fertile Void is the immeasurable "nothing", the primordial essence from which everything is born. It's the nothing from which everything comes. It's pre-form, pre-energy, pre-creation, pre-thought, even pre-being. We don't have words or concepts to describe it. It contains all possibilities yet it's empty.

Although no metaphor adequately captures the mystery of our Universe, the silence of the Fertile Void that we visit during meditation could be thought of as the "womb" of the Universe. When the masculine seed of your thought or intention penetrates the Fertile Void, something is fertilized, one of the infinite number of possibilities in the Fertile Void is activated, and it materializes.

For example, the thought and intention, "Let there be light" fertilized something in the nothing of the Fertile Void, and then there was light.

Let's get back to a more practical focus. I don't spend much time in the theoretical, abstract, or metaphysical. One, I'm too busy enjoying life - I'd rather play the instrument than take it apart to see why it makes that sound. Two, truth is simple, and you don't need a lot of head knowledge to tap into the vast Divine Intelligence, masculine OR feminine. As a matter of fact, if you keep your mind empty and open, what you need just comes in when you ask or intend it to.

Our culture and our society has become very masculine action-oriented. Rather than begin an endeavor in the ground of being, too often the effort begins with a little thought, and then massive doing. And if we need or want more, we "do" more.

A more feminine, allowing approach would be to put "being" before doing. Who we "be" always attracts the essence of that being. So a feminine approach, if you wanted more of something, would be to begin to vibrate the essence of it, and let the corresponding manifestation of it begin to come to you. The more masculine approach would be to fly into action and put a lot of work into it - the "go knock it over the head and drag it home" approach.

What's most effective? A balanced combination, of course. Line up the energy first, then do only the action you're guided to do. Honor, respect, and use both appropriately.

Most important of all, with Divine Openings, the Fertile Void is where we go and sit in the silence. It's the most powerful place I know of. It's beyond the beyond. In the practical sense, sitting in that silence is more powerful than receiving any amount of verbal guidance. When you get still, you are out of the way, and when you are out of the way, Grace carries you on the stream of life. You don't need to know anything, it just happens. Sitting in the Fertile Void literally helps you solve problems, although you have no idea how they get solved.


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