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Is Fear Or Positive Possibility Your Main Driver?

Is Fear Or Positive Possibility Your Main Driver?

04/20/2017 - 11:07 Submitted by Cara Goldsworthy

Fear...?...or Positive Possibility?
By Lola Jones
I know... the world is watching.
My fiance Scott and I love watching the political commentary. I cannot believe I'm saying this, because for decades I totally ignored politics and knew nothing about it, because it doesn't create my reality. 
It still doesn't, but Scott has gotten me into it, and I've come to see that just like I take care of my body, exercise, eat well, study how to manage finances, and conscientiously attend to all other physical world matters, politics is one of those physical world matters. 
I'm even tweeting to the news agencies (@lolajones9). My, how we evolve.
Scott and I are not discouraged at all by the chaos and apparently depraved craziness of current U.S. politics--we are just naturally focused on the possibilities. The world needs that right now. We need that. It's our responsibility to ourselves.
We manage our vibration--it doesn't manage us.
We get our energy aligned first, before taking action.
Scott and I rave and giggle over the disastrous-sounding, democracy-eroding news. I often say when the most insane things happen, "I love it! The worse it gets, the more that contrast will inspire change." Indeed, formerly apathetic people, after years of paying no attention to it, are getting informed and involved. 
While enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal, we were just watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC News interviewing political commentator Chris Hayes about his new book A Colony Within a Nation. Chris had already predicted the American swing towards authoritarianism in his previous book. 
Now he explains how authoritarianism gains momentum when a large segment of the population is dominated by fear and powerlessness (very low on the Instrument Panel.) They believe crime and the risk of terrorism is higher than it is. They've clung to the past, now the past is gone, and they are angry. They, bless them, don't know how to create a new reality for themselves. 
So they essentially say to a candidate, "we'll sacrifice to you all our freedoms and power if you'llsave us from all these terrifying things." You've seen many dictators begin this way.
This goes beyond politics, obviously. 
So the question is: "Are you motivated more by fear or possibility?" Does fear drive your decisions, your spending, your career, and your voting, your daily actions?
Or are your decisions driven by positive, empowered visions of "what is possible for me, my family, my country?" 

More pointedly, are you more driven by your Large Self or small self? 

Hey, right after the recent election, my small self grabbed the steering wheel and screamed as it veered into the ditch, "Life as we know it is OVER! Run for the hills!!!" But I dealt with it, soothed it, and now I am once again crystal clear that politics does not create my reality. We just sold our house for twice what I paid for it five years ago, and are moving confidently ahead in our lives, following our steady guidance to an exciting new adventure. 
You simply can't hear that guidance as well when you're at low vibrations like "freaked out", "worried," or "running for the hills."
We're looking for our next dream home in the mountains just east of San Diego, which is VERY different from running for the hills. We're not worried about the economy--we create our own economy--as you do. We're not worried about the housing market--we've already defied an "extremely cold, i.e. frozen" housing market by selling our house in five days, without a realtor, to people who were looking for precisely this house, and who can feel the energy vortex in it.
The buyer joked, "You're leaving the vortex here, right?" 
"Of course," I smiled, "I'll create another one in the new home."
Enlightenment doesn't exempt you from managing your mind. 
In Divine Openings we call it "the conscious mind piece," as distinct from "the Grace piece." 
When you're in the flow the Grace piece does 90% of everything for you, such as bringing us those buyers who passionately wanted this house--but the conscious mind piece is your 10% to do. It includes not letting the small self run your mind. It includes staying awake and aware. It includes witnessing yourself and managing your vibration.
It includes raising your vibration above anger, fear, and doubt before taking action. You align your energy, feelings, and thoughts with your Large Self, at a very high vibration. 
Then when you take action... it works.
Love, Ease, and Grace,

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