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European Retreats
UK and other European participants are now coming to our Germany retreat center (our European headquarters) for their retreats! Of course Lola leads the retreat in English and a Divine Openings Guide translates to German.

UK Divine Openings Guide Evelyn Moniram came to the Germany retreat and went away raving about it to everyone in England.

If you have questions about getting out of your comfort zone, or ease of travel in Germany, or anything else, Evelyn is delighted to share her experience. She lives in UK and simply raved about this center!

Evelyn Moniram, Certified Divine Openings Guide
0044(0)208 769 3789

Our staff can help you get transportation from the airport if you need help:

Lola fell in love with Germany, the enthusiastic Divine Openings community there and leads retreats in Europe twice a year. Lola prefers one place in Europe, and one place in the U.S..

Our German retreat center has an enormous meeting hall, a wood floor perfect for movement, a truly heavenly sound system, roomy guest rooms, and healthy food.

The people are warm, friendly, and helpful, and the staff embraces our silence with respect and joy.

Walk, bike, hike, or simply sit in the grass in the sunshine of the large garden with horses grazing nearby under the tiny town of Hart's clock tower.

Most of the seminarhotel staff speaks English .

Be delighted and nurtured by the warmth and beauty of this seminarhotel nestled in emerald green, rolling fields, right on a national hiking trail through deep forests of majestic pines. See the snow capped Alps on the horizon, breathe the crisp fresh air, and hike or drive to the stunningly beautiful Chiemsee (lake)!

Come soar with us!


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This video will give you a taste of the vibration:

Our happy group of international participants after their retreat. At recent retreats we had people from Denmark, Portugal, Canada, UK, Norway, Australia, Ireland, :


See Germany retreat details (in English) here   
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Photos of the NEW Seminarhotel:












Update Teaser: 
UK participants are now coming to the Germany retreats at the wonderful NEW full-service residential retreat center in rural Bavaria. Fly in and we'll help you get there. Phone Evelyn if you'd like a British participant's perspective....