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5-Day Silent Bliss Retreat, Europe, in German/English


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Join us for a Blissful 5 Day Silent Retreat in Germany, at our new retreat center Sonnenstrahl, in the Allgäu / Ravensburg district.
We've fallen in love with Germany! Their rural retreat centers are so peaceful and beautiful.

Germany is the superior European hub due to our spacious, high quality, and super-affordable retreat center there, convenient to all of Europe. We meet at the comfortable Sonnenstrahl retreat center.


This video is Grace made visible and gives you the flavor and feel of the retreat. Soak up the beauty and power of The Presence at this Divine Openings retreat in beautiful Bavaria, Germany, where the Germany retreats were previously held.

Join us for our next retreat!

We meet in a beautiful, professionally and lovingly run retreat center in the Allgäu / Ravensburg district. Below you can see some pictures from this beautiful location.

Rooms vary in price and layout, so there is something for every budget. 
Go on beautiful, long walks through the woods and meadows surrounding the seminar house, rest in the large and quiet garden, or relax in the sauna or jacuzzi. 

Details, logistics, travel, lodging, food, how the retreat works: 5-Day Silent Retreats - all info



sonnenstrahl sauna sonnenstrahl dorm

sonnenstrahl beds


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