Date and Time: 
October 5, 2019, 7-10 PM

Come join us for a LIVE lecture with Lola Jones, founder of Divine Openings in Germany. 

Experience Spiritual Bliss and Practical Life Results

- with live translation to German -

Wanting to be LIVE with Lola? Here is the perfect opportunity.  Immerse yourself in her powerful field of resonance and receive a Divine Opening from Lola herslef at the end of this event. Lola always radiates with her newest and most up to date material so these evenings are always fresh, new, and even more profound than before. A great opportunity to enjoy, deepen, and share your Divine Openings experience with friends or family ... or to let yourself be inspired in your own development!

If you aren't yet familiar with Divine Openings, you can read about it here. People in 150+ countries are experiencing bliss through Divine Openings, and Lola's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence  has enriched and filled thousands of lives with incredible joy. You can find Lola's book here if you don't already have it, or it can be purcahsed in person at this event.  If you've already read Lola's first foundational book and would like more information on her second bestseller Living Large: Mastering Your Power of Intention you can find that information here.

Organized by the wonderful Lars and Priyanka, owners of the first spiritual bookstore in Rosenheim that spread Things Are Going Great In My Absence (and since then has become their biggest bestseller ever!).
Please register early for the evening, thank you!

Venue: Parkhotel Crombach, Kufsteiner Straße 2, 83022 Rosenheim

Registration: Please email Lars and Priyanka directly at the book store.
Tel: 08031 - 33610, E-Mail:

Event Cost:
Lecture -- €15 / person, Divine Opening with Lola --  €40 / person **

**After Lola's presentation, you will have the option to receive a powerful Divine Opening as a group for those who wish. There may also be an opportunity for a Divine Healing to support physical health.
As a prerequisite for the Divine Opening, you must have the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence and you must have read the book, be reading the book, or begin reading the book after your Divine Openings. Profoud energy and vibratios are triggered by the Divine Opening and Lola's book is vital as it gives you the tools to be able to maintain it optimally and implement it with ease and joy. This is the beginning of your very personal adventure of life and, as you allow it, leads to a deeper bliss than you ever imagined. More about Divine Openings and what it does here ...


"I want to thank you for allowing me to join in the guest event after your retreat. I left completely different then when I arrived. A few women said to me that I looked totally different at the end. That I glowed even:) I came home and fell asleep very hard. I slept from around 7pm to almost 10am the next day. My daughter said she started to film me cause I was making noises as I slept , that to her seemed really funny. (Not sure what that’s about?) I feel as though I made life long friends. And can’t wait to be able to attend the entire retreat! One of my new intentions is to attract enough money that I can pay for others to attend as well as my self. I’d love to create some kind of scholarship thing where I can send people and pay for them. I know this will happen ! Thank you so much again , you have no idea how lucky and blessed I feel to have been a part of the final day. Love you guys."   Andrea Knaak 

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The perfect opportunity to experience Lola Jones LIVE in Germany...At this powerful event you'll immerse yourself in Lola's powerful field of resonance and experience a live Divine Opening by Lola herself.