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Main Track - The Map Through the Portals:

Portal 1 - The Foundation

Portal 2 - Living in Ease and Flow

Portal 3 - 21 Days of Deepening (formerly called 21 Days of Awakening: Assimilate and Celebrate)

Portal 4 - Jumping the Matrix 

Portal 5 - Mastery 


Courses you can take anytime with the main track:

The Art of Love and Sex -  Tantra

Enlightened Business

Certified Divine Openings Guide Training and the Mentoring with Lola Program

Kundalini for Pleasure

ALL Nine First Aid Retreat Courses

For those registered for the 5 Day Retreat:

Pre-5-Day Retreat Preparation Course, Info, Travel

Post-5 Day Retreat Bliss Maintenance

All other 5 Day Retreat Resources


Spiritual growth and personal development is not supposed to be long, hard work.


silent retreat scholarships

With Divine Openings the spiritual development and personal growth path is light, ease-filled, and pleasureful. Think en-light-enment.

Enjoy flying!

Love from all of us


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