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Move any emotion: Diving In Webinar LIVE with Lola

Lola Jones female spiritual teacher

Move Any Emotion: Diving In Webinar -- LIVE with Lola Jones

1 meeting, September 28, 10 - 12:00am Pacific Time, English only

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Move stubborn low vibration

Lola invokes direct, powerful energy, gets you out of your story, and helps you move that energy permanently. She's using her latest new leading-edge material in this (and every) webinar series.

Resistance to feeling bad is so "baked in" that people often think they're Diving In, but they're unconsciously resisting feeling. Some people can't feel well at all, so "feeling the feeling" is difficult for them.

Stop diving in over and over on the same subject!

  • We waived the Portal 1 prerequisite so everyone is eligible for this Diving In Webinar Series.
  • This IS a life path, so if you want full life results that last and keep expanding, Portal 1 is essential for your conscious mind retraining and foundational knowledge. Portals 2 through 5 keep you evolving and expanding forever.
  • Support from Lola on the Forum between meetings increases your results.
  • The audios and videos from this webinar are posted for you to enjoy again. 

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add to cart $129
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