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Shop, Catalog of Divine Openings main products

The Divine Openings Catalog

Here are all of the main offerings in a nutshell.
Plus fun gifts, or to add a little fun to your path.

Lifetime spiritual growth course

Online Courses for Home Study and Immersion

The 5 Portals of Awakening take you from wherever you are to mastery, and the expansion never ends. Or you can begin with Portal 1 and go from there. Learn all about our courses that change lives all over the world. Plus Enlightened Business, Be Mentored by Lola, Kundalini, Art of Love and Sex.... and more.

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Lola Jones spiritual teacher

Webinars More Powerful than Private Sessions

There's usually a theme for each series, but you can get what you want in just about any series. They're that effective. Must take Portal 1 and 2 first to have the foundation.

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spiritual retreat California, Germany, Europe

Bliss Retreats in the USA and Germany

Being with Lola is being bathed in Grace, then swept up in a vortex of transformation. It's the best choice if you have high resistance or need rapid results. Many come back to go deeper.

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22a_Art prints

Art prints

You may purchase Lola's art reproductions to light up your home and and bring Grace energy to your work spaces.
Large poster sized art, or a set of high resolution print-it-yourself artworks from the book.

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Talk Audios

More Powerful Than Ordinary Talk Or Teaching - Listen with the intention to deepen your spiritual awakening and to receive a Divine Opening (and you will.) Or listen as often as you want just to be in the vortex of Grace and tune up. These are special essential audios everyone should have.

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Lola Jones's music is is not ordinary music -- it conveys a powerful energy called Divine Openings. If you listen with the intention to receive a Divine Opening, you will. Or listen simply to enjoy and be uplifted. It's OK to listen all you want, and to let kids listen.

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Our Divine Openings fine sterling silver pendants are a work of art designed by Lola, and you get to wear Divine Openings energy wherever you go! Makes a cherished gift, so you may want to get more than one. 
Pendant comes with an elegant 17" silver plated chain with lobster clasp. Men, women, and kids alike wear them.

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Lola Jones Books

Books by Lola Jones - Including the must-have spiritual classic: Things Are Going Great in My Absence; the next book, Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention; Dating To Change Your Life; and spiritual humor book, Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru.

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