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Hummingbirds XLG

The Extra Large Hummingbirds print is an impressive four feet tall! The new favorite, it sells out at retreats. Receive a powerful Divine Opening from it or just let the high vibe, sparkling energy light up your home or office.

Hummingbirds XLG


Impressive Poster-Size Prints

Frame it, stretch it, glass it, or stick to wall

  • NEW best-selling Hummingbirds is shown. See FULL catalog of artworks below.
  • Order 3 foot tall, or 4 foot tall prints, on durable, colorfast, vinyl/canvas.
  • If it arrives crinkled, lay it flat and wrinkles disappear.
  • Shipping to most first-world countries is included in price. 

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When you ask for something, everything that isn't that" jumps up--a gift to show you the resistance. Use your Divine Openings tools to release resistance."
Lola Jones