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Large Format Divine Art Lola Jones

Grace your space with original

Lola Jones Divine Art

Everyone raves about what Lola's art brings to their homes and offices. Whether you want the vibration of serenity, peace, health, prosperity, or a pop of love energy, one of these artworks brings it. Some of them go well in pairs or sets.

Large Size Divine Art by Lola Jones

Lola Jones divine art heart

Poster Size

You Frame, Stretch, Glass, or Tack It

  • The durable plasticized canvase is 20" x 36". Actual image is about 18" wide, and image length varies by the art's proportion.
  • If it arrives crinkled, lay it flat and wrinkles disappear.
  • Shipping to major countries included in poster price.
  • This photo shows relative size and borders. Space at top and bottom for framing.

$85 to $95

goldish art

Divine Art Stretched on Canvas

ready to hang

  • These can be quite large if you desire. These are not standard sizes and are ordered custom + shipping.
  • We can print the size you want. Minimum size is 24x30".
  • 30x40" can be quite reasonable depending on supplier's costs at the time, around $200 + shipping.
  • Max size is 60x44", around $500 depending on supplier's costs at the time + shipping.
  • Let's chat by email to get you a quote on the artwork and approximate size you want:

There are three ways to purchase Lola's larger sized art:

1.  Poster sized on durable, plasticized canvas. Looks like an original.
2.  Stretched on canvas. Looks like an original.
3.  Commission a custom original piece with the energy and colors you want.

Sample artworks, and many more below!

lola jones art souls dance

Soul's Dance, Tall

Soul's Dance - From a 7 foot tall original painting by Lola Jones.
See below for the squarish format.

add to cart $95
buddha Lola Jones art serenity

Buddha, Tall

Buddha - From an original painting by Lola Jones. You don't have to be a Buddhist to appreciate this icon of deep serenity and calm.

add to cart $95
goddess power art Lola Jones


For deep knowing and wisdom, but remember, you give each artwork your own meaning and intention, so how does the vibration feel to you?

add to cart $95

To place custom orders of any of this art stretched on canvas, or if you would like to commission an original artwork on the topic of your choosing by Lola, please mail

Custom orders

  • See the Galleries for more artworks by Lola. Most can be produced poster size or on stretchers.
  • You may order any of the artworks on this page (and more) on stretchers. Ask us at
  • Or commission a custom original piece with the energy and colors you want.

These are poster size, same size as above

Lola Jones divine art heart

Shattered Heart

From an original paper collage by Lola Jones.
For letting your heart shatter so it can expand and open.

add to cart $95
red cranes art

Red Cranes, Tall

Red Cranes by Lola Jones. Evokes love and fiery energy. Goes great as a triple display with the White Cranes and Gold Cranes.

add to cart $95
gold cranes divine art Lola Jones

Golden Cranes, Tall

The blended energies of passion and prosperity. Great as a series with the Red Cranes and White Cranes.

add to cart $95
white cranes spiritual art Lola Jones

White Cranes

The energy of the dance of spiritual manifestation. Great as a series with the Red Cranes and Gold Cranes.

add to cart $95
solstice divine art


The energy of balance of masculine and feminine, attraction and action with a light, effortless, effervescent vibration.

add to cart $95
divine art Lola Jones

Diving for Treasure, Tall

For going deep within yourself to mine the treasure that exists for you in contrasts.  To enhance your sensual nature too.

add to cart $95
divine art Lola Jones

Soul's Dance, Squarish Format

Cropped from a 7 foot tall original painting by Lola Jones.The "squarish format" canvas is 20" wide. The height varies with the proportion of the art, and is usually 21-25 inches tall. "Squarish" pieces look good together in sets.

add to cart $85
goldfish divine art

Gold Fish, Squarish format

People have reported physical healings from this one. Definitely soothing, many people hang them in their office, or medical practice to smooth vibrations. Consider having this one printed on large stretched canvas, see above. It is stunning on the wall.

add to cart $85
divine art Lola Jones

Buddha, Squarish format

This goes well with Soul's Dance in a set, for balanced masculine and feminine spiritual power.

add to cart $85
divine art

Angel, Squarish format

Angel by Lola Jones. Think of it as a personification of your Non-Physical guardian angel, or just an energy that feels good to you. From a 5 foot tall mural Lola painted on the wall at her old Texas ranch.

add to cart $85
cowgirl up

Cowgirl UP!

The essence of joy no matter what's going on. Brings a light touch to a room, and it's great in an office to raise the vibe as you all work together.

add to cart $95
divine art Lola Jones


For magical experience and tapping into nature.

add to cart $95

More art is available

You can also see the poster art and print-your-own art in a Catalog format.

We show you the most commonly ordered pieces. See the Galleries and email to check availability of other pieces. To be sure you get our reply: add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email.

Placing one of these powerful images in your space infuses it with Grace, and helps you open to more of that feeling or experience in your life. It taps into your heart's desires and helps you vibrate in harmony with your vision. This art is Divinely inspired.

~ FREE shipping is included on art posters only!
~ Please leave a note for your mail delivery person to tell them what to do if you are not home. Your art will come in a box or tube.

A True Renaissance Woman
Lola Jones creates stunning art in many styles and mediums, as well as expressing creativity in writing, music, teaching, and bringing new energies and ideas to Earth.

Original Art with the Energy You Want
You may commission an original painting with the perfect Divine Energy for you (if Lola is in painting mode.) Lola creates custom-commissioned paintings and accepts limited art commissions when she has the time. She delights in co-creating your art with you to express your true essence, and to bring your deepest desires to life.

Please email with serious inquiries.
To be sure you get our reply: add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email.


"A quickie RAVE: Yesterday I finally had my copy of "Gold Fish" framed.  The customers including the gal behind the counter kept taking peeks at the poster.  Finally ... the first gal commented several times how nice the poster was.  I told them the poster was designed to invoke a sense of peace. And they got it." Gina Ristow 

"I want you to know how incredibly much I love Soul's Dance in my home office, and how much impact having the picture there where I see it all the time has made.  You are a blessing in my life, and I am grateful beyond belief."  Christine Rousseau

"There are no words to even come close to explaining... and sharing.... How we feeeeeel about the painting.... it truly is an extraordinary painting. We have chills ( EXCITING CHILLS ) OF COURSE...LOL. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the deepest part of our spirits. We are sooooo looking forward to our next painting. We are blessed beyond measure. EXTRAORDINARY LOVE comes from this painting."
Kevin and Denise

"I can't even tell you how much I appreciate and love my Golden Horse art piece! It is truly beautiful! Thank you! Yvonne, Alpine, CA

Enjoy, and be nourished.
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