• Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment

    Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment

    There is no single enlightenment experience, so no one can tell you exactly what to expect, but after assisting thousands of people to reach it and sustain it, I can guide you.

Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment

girl before after bestwebHi, I'm Lola Jones. I've helped people around the world find not just spiritual enlightenment, but down to earth life satisfaction too. It's no fun being enlightened if you can't pay your bills or navigate this world. I don't believe in making being here on Earth wrong or something to ascend out of. You came here on purpose to bring Heaven to Earth, and you can do it! 

There is no consistent or official definition of enlightenment. Eastern gurus even have different definitions. Everyone disagrees about what enlightenment is. That's okay, you'll know it when you feel it. It is not a permanent achievement because you always have Free Will - it's a fluctuating state of being and your aim will become "staying in the flow of it." 

Enlightenment is an ongoing experience that never ends rather than a final destination. Those who are enlightened do not say, "I am enlightened."

The important things are that the heart is open to everyone (even your parents and exes, wink wink), the mind is quiet, you feel an intimate oneness with your Creator, and there is profound peace within. 

Enlightenment cannot be forced, but you can set up the conditions for it. Silence is one of the main conditions you need. Talking and reading are mental, and the mind can never take you to enlightenment. No-Mind is the beginning of enlightenment.

I have given more than 55 5 Day Silent Retreats since 2006, to set up the conditions where enlightenment can happen.

I asked for the kind of awakening that allowed me to still live in this world and have a normal life. I didn't want to be detached. I am passionate about this life. You do get to say what kind of enlightenment you want.

Deep Delicious INNER Silence is a Condition for Enlightenment

After many years of frustrating seeking, I took 21 days in 2006 to be totally silent, not speaking or making eye contact with anyone. That was my awakening, and I wanted to make it easier for people to get there. Now I lead people to a huge awakening in 5 days in the 5 Day Silent Retreat.

At one point in their spiritual enlightenment and personal development with Divine Openings, some people can hit heavy, heavy fatigue. The place I most get to observe it happening up close is in those 5 Day Silent Retreats, although it can begin while reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence if you're really diving deep, enjoying, and staying focused.

You see, if you continue to seek, you're saying "I'm not there," and so you are not able to sustain the awakening.

On about day two or three of the silent retreat, many people experience a tired feeling as decades of stress, fatigue, and old patterns come to the surface en masse and begin to fall away. Bliss usually happens about day 4, or day 5 when virtually everyone feels it, and uncontrollable laughter can break out. It's really fun and contagious, and soon everyone catches it.

Enlightened people laugh easily and are joyful, even childlike at times. People who are dour, over-serious, and no fun are not enlightened. 

"The fatigue of the ages"

I call it "the fatigue of the ages" that you feel as the density begins to become conscious. You let go, after decades of holding on so tight.

We don't know how hard we've been working to hold things back, bury them, carry them, or compensate for them….. until we stop. That's contrast for you; you only know cold by knowing heat. You really only know the extent of the tension you carried after you achieve relaxation. (In a recent blog I talked about contrast being your friend in other ways.)

After so many years of suppressing, running from, or "working on" old emotions but not moving them, lots of people are walking around exhausted but thinking it's normal (everyone else is tired too, right?) and it's only when they begin to let go and clear out their energy field that they get an inkling of how tired they actually were.

You'll likely feel fatigue after a huge emotional release or emotional detox-like experience. Just give in to the fatigue, be with whatever is happening with your body and emotions, and rest more. This fatigue and the rollercoaster emotions move VERY fast in my retreats. It can go on for a long time if you do it on your own because many people unconsciously try to bypass emotions and don't go fully into them. 

Then there's incredible, almost boundless energy.

How to Sustain the Enlightenment

Without any guidance, many people also can't sustain the initial bliss and enlightened perspectives after an explosive enlightenment experience. It requires some retraining of the conscious mind to live in this world with a wide-open energy field, plus the old mind tries to take over again. One man joked that his enlightenment lasted until he visited his mother.

You want a "practical" enlightenment that weathers the real world's challenges. Most of us can't sit in a cave for years.

As you experience a 5 Day Silent Retreat, read Things Are Going Great In My Absence or enjoy my Self-Paced, Online, Spiritual Enlightenment Courses, before you feel bliss, you may feel this fatigue you never felt before. You must move through this fatigue and the detox. You can't resist the feelings or power over the fatigue if you're committed to your spiritual enlightenment, personal development, and total freedom.

Then Comes Bliss and Ease

After the fatigue and detox comes a new kind deep relaxation you've never felt before in your life. It's as if you're being carried along by Grace. That first breakthrough from deep fatigue to relaxation and letting go is usually the biggest, and most dramatic, so you feel the most relief from it.

You get used to that level of profound relaxation and it soon feels normal, until you break through to a next, higher level. Let's say you relaxed about money, and it feels like a fabulous new world as money flows easily to you for the first time ever. But there is more to come when you let go and relax in other areas.

One day maybe you hit a wall with your spouse, where you realize how much you've been suppressing feelings about the relationship (compounded by suppressed or unresolved feelings about relationships all the way back to your childhood.) Intimacy is one of the most desired and feared of all experiences. The defenses can be deep and tender. But this wall you hit is a golden opportunity in your spiritual enlightenment.

You dive into those feelings because you're committed to your spiritual enlightenment and joy, and you liberate even more of your energy. You feel a whole new higher level of relaxation and vitality after that.

There's no need to go digging for stuff to fix in my work. Believe me, your daily life and feelings present to you exactly what you need to feel to unfold your spiritual enlightenment and liberate more energy, if you will just feel it thoroughly, and not resist it... daily .... forever.

We know, darlin', we know! Sometimes that's hard at first--old habits are incredibly strong, blind spots are stubborn, and defense mechanisms are incredibly hard to drop. If you need help breaking through, come to a retreat, where Lola can help you energetically. Miracles happen.

Once you get opened up and rolling, life is a series of new openings, new openings, new openings. It stops being hard and starts being fun, even joyful.... even blissful at times.

Isn't evolution wonderful?

What do you want in your life?

You could keep seeking and seeking, or you could stop seeking and become a "finder" right now. You have found it. Let it in!

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