• Gesprächsaufnahmen als Audiodateien

    Gesprächsaufnahmen als Audiodateien

    TDiese Audios und Videos sind jetzt KOSTENLOS in den Portalen 1 & 2 enthalten.

    Das Diving In/Body Scan Set kann unten separat erworben werden, aber für den maximalen Nutzen, nimm bitte Portal 1, hol dir die gesamte Grundlage und erhalte diese Diving In Audios/Videos GRATIS

Move any Emotion with "Diving In"

Release Resistance, Raise Vibration, Get Relief from Negative Emotions

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Soothe Yourself Set

Pleasurable, Relaxing & Fun Audios -- Self-soothing is a vital skill we all need, but few of us were taught.
Four Audios Help You:

  • Raise vibration, Zap negative thoughts, "Flip" un-helpful thoughts
  • Feel better, go higher, faster
  • Be more creative, productive, focused, have more fun
  • Ask yourself "Effective Questions" instead of scary questions
  • Retrain your mind instead of letting it run you

No longer sold separately. Get it FREE as a BONUS with Portal 2.

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"How Did I Create THAT???"

This audio solves a big part of the mystery of why you could be flying along on the Divine Openings basic book for a while, feeling good, thinking positive, doing all the right things, but suddenly things begin to go wrong. Helps make you more aware of blind spots and vibrations you're unconscious of. Order and download now! Listen in seconds.

ONLY available as a BONUS with Portal 2.
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