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Hördateien für hohe Schwingung, spirituelles Erwachen, Glücklichsein

Classic elements of the Divine Openings Path

Talk Audios

Entspanne und lass dich von der Kraft der Gnade in deinem spirituellen Erwachen unterstützen mit Hilfe dieser Hördateien. Weit wirksamer als gewöhnliche Vorträge oder Hördateien.

Entspanne und lass dich von der Kraft der Gnade in deinem spirituellen Erwachen unterstützen

Weit wirksamer als gewöhnliche Vorträge oder Hördateien

spiritual awakening teacher Lola Jones

Höre dir diese Hördateien mit der Absicht an, dass sie dein spirituelles Erwachen und dein Glücklichsein vertiefen und du ein Divine Opening darüber erhältst (und es wird so sein) oder höre sie dir so oft an, wie du möchtest, einfach nur um im Resonanzfeld der Gnade zu sein (Die Onlinekurse enthalten hunderte von Lolas Hördateien aus ihren Live-Sitzungen und auch Videos aus ihren Live-Seminaren, dies hier sind jedoch besondere Hördateien, die jeder haben sollte.)

Unsere Onlinekurse enthalten jeweils unzählige Hördateien, diese besonderen Hördateien hier sind jedoch nur separat zugänglich und in keinem der Onlinekurse enthalten! Das Buch ist Voraussetzung für alle Hördateien. Sie vertiefen die wichtigsten Elemente daraus und das Buch beantwortet dir auch deine Fragen zu dem, was die Hördateien für dich bewegen. 

Momentan sind noch nicht alle dieser Hördateien in deutscher Übersetzung zugänglich, schau also immer mal wieder nach, was neu dazugekommen ist.

Deutsche Hördateien bekommst du bereits in der wichtigsten Audio-Sammlung, dem Diving In Set zum Eintauchen, das du in der rechten Spalte bestellen kannst.

Die unteren Hördateien sind momentan nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

The Classic Essential Talk Audios


Diving In/Body Scan Set, EN & DE

Release Resistance, Raise Vibration, Get Relief from Negative Emotions

  • Auf Englisch und Deutsch, our most essential and popular foundational Audio/Video Set to augment the Portals.
  • 34+ powerful 20  minute to one hour audios and videos. Includes "How-To" Audios.
  • NOTE: These are included in the Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package -- all the tools you need for a lifetime of spiritual growth.

Free Up Your Energy and Power

With the NEW Body Scan, even people who have difficulty feeling and diving in (or dropping the story) can get FAST, permanent relief, and while learning how to manage, allow, accept, and flow with emotions. With Divine Openings you stop trying to clear it, heal it, and get rid of it, and you start using your feelings to fly higher! Order & download instantly, listen in seconds.  Learn more (in English) about the Diving In Audio/Video Set.

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spiritual soothing audios

"How Did I Create THAT???" EN Only

Nur Englisch. This audio set solves much of the mystery of why you could be flying along applying the Divine Openings basics, feeling good, thinking positive, doing all the right things, but suddenly things go wrong. See the blind spots and vibrations you're unconscious of.


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spiritual soothing audios

Soothe Yourself Set, EN Only

Nur Englisch. Our Most Pleasurable, Relaxing & Fun Audios. Self-soothing is a vital skill.
Four Audios Help You:

  • Raise vibration, Zap negative thoughts, "Flip" un-helpful thoughts
  • Feel better, go higher, faster
  • Be more creative, productive, focused, have more fun
  • Ask yourself "Effective Questions" instead of frightening questions
  • Retrain your mind instead of letting it run you

Order and download now--be soothed instantly! Learn more (in English only) about Soothe Yourself.

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These audio sets are vital tools on your Divine Openings path. They augment the courses, and provide a way for new people to try out the tools. The book Things Are Going Great In My Absence is necessary with all of these audios. Order and download now. Listen in seconds.

"Diving in has given me direct, concrete, undeniable experience of feeling bad, but having something constructive (yet effortless) that I can do to cope and ultimately feel better. I now know that if I can have the courage to hold on and and just sit with anything, I'll be fine. Now when my small self tries to use the threat of feeling bad to prompt me to take action in response to a lower vibration, I can laugh and say, "Bring it on. I am not afraid." and not react."

"Dearest, dearest Lola, am finally free, and I'm so excited that I want to shout it from the rooftops. I'd been searching for almost 10 years, and getting closer, but always missing something, and you gave me the final piece. I'd never heard (or been able to hear) the piece about diving in, and it's made all the difference. And I'm SO relieved to be able to give up the seeking."

"I bought your book back in late February, and I've been doing Divine Ppenings weekly since then. I have your instrument panel stuck up at home and at work, and my vibration about money (my last piece to fall into place) has completely shifted in the last 3 1/2 months. It's been fascinating to watch. And now that I'm no longer afraid of feeling bad, I'm not afraid of anything. I'm breathing, I'm here, I know I can handle it, whatever happens."

"In the middle of the night, when I don't think anyone could possibly understand what's happening, I know that I have a friend waiting there in my audio files. Her name is Lola Jones, and she understands what's happening. Nicest thing ever to have you for a friend." Love,

"Thank you so much, now it is really easy for me to surf on my feelings. Now I really can appreciate them, and I wanna do this every day, I like it so much. Thank you for making it so easy and sharing it. Before, I tried to do it with the "healing of my inner child" but I couldn´t do it. Now I can. Thank you so much."

"Diving In has helped me shift a life-long anxiety vibration. The vibration had surfaced more intensely for some weeks, and I listened to the "How to Part 3" about anxiety, and it helped to finally make the shift! This is absolutely fantastic, a good reason to rave and celebrate!! Thank you so much!!"

"I had this whole, magnificent light bulb moment in such a quiet, simple space. No lightning bolts, just a new idea that snuck quietly into my head, and now I am reveling in the enormity of it. Wow. This feels like the biggest, #*!@*$! shift I have ever had, and it feels wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

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