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Discovery Videos and Audios

Sandra's 1st Session w/Lola

Sandra chose a session in place of Discovery 5.
See her extra session with Lola below.

Audio: Sandra G Session

Sandra G 2, get in the body

Discovery Session Videos and Audios

***NEW! In Donna's 3rd mentoring session (instead of a Discovery 3) we cover so many things: death of a spouse and dating, health, body weight,  and depression.

Jill has her life all together, and is softening into even more new possibilities.

Audio only: Jill Has It Together, Now More

***NEW Phillipa has been soaring for some time in her life and career, and this 5th Discovery is a celebration and an exploration.

The audio

This video is a Guide having her 5th Discovery session with Lola. Those in the Certified Guide/Mentoring Program get to be Mentored by Lola and have these expansive conversations that range over many topics:

Tune into the high vibration as Verena expands her relationship with her father, and demonstrates profound liberation. This is from a Discovery 2 in the Guide Program (which you can also take JUST to be mentored by Lola.) Note that Verena has been in deep immersion this past year, although she's been in Divine Openings for some years.

Audio: Verena is only completing Discovery Step 2 in the Guide Program, but she's been immersed in Divine Openings, attending regular, Guide, and Enlightened Business webinars, translating for Lola and more. She is experiencing profound signs of liberation. Enjoy this preview of what's to come for you.


Verena has expanded so rapidly, we take some time to breathe it all in and adjust perspective. After all, perception is reality to us!

The audio Make Perfectionism Your Servant
There's an audio of Verena's 4th discovery below! She's zooming along.

***NEW - AUDIO ONLY: In Verena's 4th Certification Discovery we jam on her new business ideas, asking our men for things, and transcending the Instrument Panel. I had sent written comments to her discovery to free us up to talk about anything she wanted, and you'll hear the synchronicity--I had asked her "what about teaching kids?" and that's exactly what came up for her from within and without.

***NEW This is an additional Discovery 5 session, done after the one below.
Christine is recovering from stress and feeling into her true direction. In this session, she was ready to break through.

The audio

The audio

Go deeper with the teaching and discovery that happens when we create together.

The audio




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