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Divine Openings Playbook, Companion Guide and Journal for Things Are Going Great In My Absense

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The Divine Openings Playbook, ein Begleiter Guide & Tagebuch

by Divine Openings Guide Melinda Gates

Dieses Buch ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar. Wenn du Englisch lesen kannst, lies bitte weiter!

If you can read English, see the English page and get the Playbook today! It will take you to the English site. You can change the language back to German at top of site.
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Melinda has deep compassion and empathy

Melinda Gates ist eine Divine Openings Guide und Guide Certification Mentorin, die seit 2009 Divine Openings praktiziert.

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Two ways to purchase The Playbook

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Single copy of Playbook

Get more from your Divine Openings journey as Melinda gently guides you. Siehe EN Seite für den Preis.

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Playbook and Things Are Going Great Combo

Bringen Sie beide Bücher zusammen und sparen Sie Bücher und Porto. Siehe EN Seite für den Preis.


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Wir können nur in die USA, Kanada, Europa und Australien liefern. Es wird dort gedruckt, so dass der Versand kostengünstig ist.

"I am raving about your Playbook! What a joy it is to read, or just have on my lap. I don't know how you do it, but holding this book in my hands sends waves of energy through my body and I enjoy just having it with me."

"The Divine Openings Playbook is extremely practical and clear. From the first page, I was transported and deeply and easily grounded in new comprehension of Lola’s teachings and again, lifted by grace as I had been in reading the first book. Melinda takes Lola’s already-clear masterpiece and further deepens and enhances it. For whatever reason, Melinda’s words reach my conscious mind in easy ways, opening understanding of Lola’s work at a deeper sweet divine level.  Truly it is a blessing to experience and I feel it’s a 'must read' for everyone."

"How delicious! Thank you Melinda for giving us such a joyful possibility to stay even more tuned in to the Divine Openings process. I love your book. I am touched by your honesty and clarity. It reminds me just at the right moment to say yes to everything and to feel the feelings showing up. It is so powerful and brings us even deeper into our Large Self perspective."

"What a gift to all of us. As a Divine Openings Guide holding regular book-groups and guiding a lot of my clients into a deeper understanding of Divine Openings, this book offers all the information and practical steps needed. It feels like you‘ve put into writing what I try to convey to my Divine Openings family step by step over the past year. With this book, I hold in my hands a summary of everything my small self wishes to be able to let go of, so the Divine can do the heavy lifting. What a comfort and joy! This book sends out rays of light into the world. Please receive my gratitude for bringing it into manifestation!"

"This book is a perfect companion to Lola's book. It offers various options to go even deeper and touches both your brain and your soul. Helpful repetitions bring you closer and closer to the core messages of Lola's book and finally to the Divine within yourself. Melinda, I love your style of writing; it’s both inspiring and entertaining."

"Melinda Gates’s delightful Playbook represents and illustrates beautifully how to embrace the Divine Openings experience more in our daily lives.  A treasure trove of activities, thoughts, and embodied action, this book truly gives the reader a way to live more richly in this precious life that we live. I highly recommend it for both new and advanced people in Divine Openings and know that wherever you are on your path, it will deepen your experience, as it did mine."

"In The Divine Openings Playbook, readers enjoy clear guidance that further deepens our relationship with Lola Jones's teachings, with ourselves, and with Divine Grace. It invites us to 'play along!' Melinda's genuine compassion flows through the Playbook—especially her sensitivity to the games the mind sometimes plays. She shines a light on major points in Things Are Going Great in My Absence, and encourages us to journal, play, grow, dance, and to really…finally...let go. A true companion."

Lola says....

"As founder and steward of Divine Openings, I’m delighted to recommend her Divine Openings Playbook."  

—Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings

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