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Portal 1 Self-Paced Online:
The Map through Portal 1

The exciting results begin the moment you register. Rapid real life progress show up in peace of mind, happiness, security, quieter mind, then relationships, money, body, health, career, and more.

You're enjoying practical step-by-step processes that work. You'll be guided through the portals of spiritual evolution, which leads you to a life you didn't know was possible.

Exclusive material and leading edge tools that are not in the book.

Includes the audio book FREE! Lola reads the foundational book to you and it feels like being right there with her, going deep, laughing, learning at a level deeper than words.

People all over the world enjoy this 14 module, Online Retreat, rich with multi-media. The videos and audios taped in live courses and sessions feel very much "live with Lola." People say it feels like Lola is speaking to them, that it goes right to the heart of what they need.

best classic spiritual bookYou'll vibrate higher each time you watch, read, experience, and listen.

Don't let the low tuitions mislead you. These may be the most powerful courses you ever take. People tell us they are amazed at how much value you get, and how they keep coming back for refreshers year after year. Drink it in!

"It's wonderful, and I had a huge Opening when I watched the Level 1 videos."  Many blessings, Melinda

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Grace is always raining on you.  Let more of it in!


Portal 2 Online Retreat Course -
Living in Ease and Flow

Get a preview of where you could go next!  It's all about creating for fun once you're out of struggle, suffering, and problem-orientation. 

Portal 3 - 21 Days of Deepening
Learn more

advanced spiritual online coursePortal 4 - Jumping The Matrix
Advanced Online
Spiritual & Personal Development Course

By Level 4 you're ready for a whole new level of mastery of your reality--flying free, beyond mental concepts, beyond the limits of the mind. Become an even more powerful Director/Author/Creator of your own life, soaring into new realms and dimensions.    Learn more

Mastery follows Jumping the Matrix. You learn about it in side that course.

These are just the main 5 courses. There are 21 online courses in all!
Explore them all

The Art of Love and Sex Online Retreat

Ecstatic Divine Embodiment and Coupled Bliss

Enjoy life and love more! Your partner won't resist this spiritual path.
Give it to each other as a gift that keeps giving.


First Aid For Specific Topics
The help you need most, on the topic you need first.

People asked for fast, guided interventions with money, children, family, anxiety/depression, health/body/weight, relationship, divorce, addiction, over-analytical minds, etc. These First Aid Retreats are specialized online retreats on these subjects.

This is where to start if you need "first aid fast"--targeted help with something specific. PLEASE do yourself a favor and take the more comprehensive Level 1 Online as soon as you can. It's the foundation of it all.

'Money Retreat' gives you Action Plans, real tools and processes, audios, text, video, to get you out of "money suffering" and into ease and Grace with money.

Other First Aid Retreats' give you Action Plans, tools and processes to improve: Relationships, Depression/Anxiety, Divorce, Children, Addiction, Health, and Over-Analytical Minds.      Learn more      Want to give a course as a gift?

People are calling it "The Book."

Things Are Going Great In My Absence:

How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

If you're not quite ready for an online course or live retreat, read the book, get started, and go higher with a course later.

People never say "I read it too soon."
They say, "Why didn't I hear about this years ago?"

Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting is not just a book -- people are having profound spiritual awakenings just from reading it and receiving the Divine Openings in it. People are reading it four and five times, because you get something new each reading as your consciousness expands. Experience major changes in yourself within 1 to 3 weeks ... and that's only the beginning.

NOTE: A "sampler" ebook (the 1st 60 pages of the book) appears in your account instantly, so you can begin reading and receiving Divine Openings NOW, while waiting for your paperback.

Learn what Divine Openings does for you in general, and how it works:

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