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Couples Retreats, Relationship Renewal, California, Europe, Germany


Relationship is supposed to be easy and fun. Let Grace do 90% while you let in more love and feel more pleasure.

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Do you want more?

  • Want to make your old relationship great again?
  • Or start off your new relationship right?
  • Are you just plain tired of "working at it," having relationship talks, or fighting?
  • Are you discouraged by the slow progress with old-school couples talk-therapy?
  • "Is it possible to bring back that loving feeling you once had?" Yes, you can have it back.
  • "Can it be even stronger than ever before?" Yes, of course, we're all about evolution, not settling for less.
Is it really possible to have a great relationship without hard work?
  • Yes, it's even easier when you drop the hard work. Working on it all the time is no fun. Just because your friend, or therapist, or some expert said a good relationship isn't easy... you don't have to buy that dismal old paradigm.
  • You want more love and fun in your relationship, not work.
  • When you both open more, it all flows easier.
  • Grace does 90% of the work in the retreat.


Do we have to muck through all our painful issues?
  • Actually, no. You deal with your own feelings first.
  • You deepen your relationship with The Presence, and other relationships get better.
  • Silence and oneness with your Large Self works wonders. You go home more enlightened.
Do we have to reveal our feelings to the group?

Heavens, no. Your privacy is assured. You don't tell the group anything. They don't have to know anything.

Which would your spouse or fiance be more willing to do?
  • A vacation-like week of low-pressure pleasure, bliss, and relaxation? (That's this retreat.)
  • Or a marriage therapy intensive with a shrink?
Do we talk to each other during the retreat?

No. In this retreat, as you each go deep into yourselves in silence, becoming stronger in The Presence. Then miracles happen. 

What if we can't come to the same retreat?
  • No worries! It has worked just as well when half the couple attends first. You are so soul-linked that you both benefit when only one of you comes. When one shifts, the other shifts.
  • We've even seen the whole relationship transform when the other partner never comes to a retreat. This may be the world's only couples retreat that can work that way!
  • For some couples it's easier not to talk when your partner isn't with you, so you may go deeper into yourself.

Did you know that focusing on "issues" all the time can actually KILL your relationship!

Men particularly hate "relationship talks." Once he goes into a fight or flight response he literally cannot hear you anymore. But all that changes when approached the right way, a way he can relate to, a way that doesn't make him feel bad at all. His natural instincts to want the relationship to feel good are RIGHT ON!

Women, you want what you want, too. And you can both have it!

Hard work and lots of talking about your problems and feelings is an old paradigm that magnifies the problems--don't buy it!

Anyone who says relationships are hard work doesn't know about Divine Openings, and Divine Openings retreats. This is the new paradigm. Wouldn't you rather be laughing and loving instead of fighting or going to therapy?


It's worked for many couples...

Joachim and Michaela from Germany sent us this picture many months after their retreat, where their relationship "came alive again."


Is it anything like therapy?

  • NO, it's not even remotely like therapy.
  • If you saw the movie Hope Springs, with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, it's nothing like that at all!
  • It's not uncomfortable or embarrassing, and you don't bare your soul, even to each other.


Lola and Scott couples retreat

When You're Ready to Register it's 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: See Retreat Locations and Dates
Step 2: Requirements and Conditions
Step 3: Register for Retreat!

That's Lola and Scott on a regular day.

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Our non-confrontational, pleasurable methods are far more effective

Old-school, long-term, never-ending, couples therapy often just tires you out.

Take the "hard work" out of it and focus on your relationship with yourself and The Presence. Then you come to your relationship from a whole new empowered place.

It happens in five days without talking to each other at all.

I know, surprising. But it's true.

We give you online support afterward so you can keep deepening your relationship pleasure (not working on it.)

Just get here, enjoy, and be willing.

Ready for the relationship you want? 

What about all our money and family issues?

Divine Openings retreats relieve you of relationship, money, and family stress, as they gently and easily rejuvenate you, open you, and soften you--each of you individually.

It saves relationships, renews marriages, or makes "okay" couples very happy. It even brings out the "sexy you" that might have gotten lost somewhere in all the money and family stresses.

Couples may arrive angry and fighting, or cold and distant, but they usually leave smiling, in love again, and excited about their future. It's more aha's and laughter than tears, and most of the tears shed are sweet release, or joyful, grateful tears.

Joy bubbles up from within each of you--and that spills over into your relationship. When you come back together after the retreat, love and desire re-emerge naturally, communication blossoms, and the hard work is gone.

Makes a great second honeymoon, and it certainly is more guaranteed to last than a normal vacation, no matter how exotic or expensive.

One couple mutually decided to end their relationship with love and joy! Another couple with a 20 year age difference stopped fighting and had a baby. We hear from our retreaters for years afterwards as the results unfold and grow over time.

We're conditioned to believe that nothing can be that easy. But it can be. We see it all the time!

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Relationship happy couple dock

Okay, here's how tuition works....

Tuition is $1950 per person.

If you can't afford to come together, no worries, it has worked just as well when one partner attends first, and the other comes later. You are so soul-linked that you both benefit when one of you attends. Please attend with your partner only if you can agree not to talk to each other at all for five days, so you may go deeper into yourself.

Learn more about our retreats in general.

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