This Couples Retreat is Bliss, Not Confrontation or Processing

Why muck through all your painful issues when you can bring back that lovin' feelin' without all the heavy emotional processing?

Are you tired of working at it, having relationship talks, or fighting?

Are you discouraged by the slow or disappointing results of old-school couples therapy?

Want to make your good relationship great again, or start off your new relationship right?

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We know, you might wonder, "How can it be possible to have a profound renewal or improvement of our relationship without long, hard, confrontational therapy?"

"How can we clear up all these problems and issues without hashing them out? Everyone says relationships require hard work."

No. Wrong.

Hashing out your "issues"
all the time can actually
your relationship!


Hard work is the old paradigm--this is the new paradigm. Someone sold you the idea that a successsful relationship takes lots of work because they don't know how to do it an easier way.

Women, men, you want what you want. We want you to have it!

Now would you like to know how to get it?

Men particularly hate the "relationship talks." But that can change when approached the right way, a way he can relate to, a way that doesn't make him feel bad at all. His natural instincts, to want the relationship to feel good, are RIGHT ON!

Whoever said hard work is necessary certainly doesn't know about Divine Openings and Divine Openings couples retreats.

couple that saved their relationship with a retreatJust because your father or therapist or some expert somewhere said a good relationship isn't easy...

You don't have to buy that dismal old paradigm.


It IS possible to have a great relationship without constant work.

It actually gets easier and faster when you take the "hard work"

out of it.


It IS possible to bring back that loving feeling you once had.

Or have it be even stronger than ever before.

Our non-confrontational, pleasurable methods
are far more effective than old-school,
long-term (never-ending?) couples therapy.

Much faster too.

It happens in five days.

We give you online support afterward so you can keep deepening your relationship joy (not working on it.)

How much happier would your husband or boyfriend be
to attend a vacation-like week of low pressure relaxation...
than to a marriage therapy intensive with
a shrink?

If you saw the movie Hope Springs, with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, it's nothing like that at all! It's not uncomfortable or embarrassing, and it doesn't require any soul-baring to a group.

Just  get here, enjoy, and be willing.

Relationship (and couples retreats) are supposed to be fun,
NOT endless work.

couple renewed relationship, saved marriage after retreat


Joachim and Michaela from Germany sent us
this picture many months after their retreat,
where their relationship "came alive again."


It even brings out the "sexy you" that might have gotten lost somewhere in all the money and family stresses.

Divine Openings retreats relieve you of relationship, money, and family stress as they gently and easily rejuvenate you, open you, and soften you. Love and desire re-emerge naturally, communication blossoms, and joy bubbles up from within each of you--and spills over into your relationship.

We're conditioned to believe that nothing can be that easy.

But it can be.

We see it all the time!

It's more aha's and laughter than tears, and most of any tears you shed are joyful, grateful ones.

The retreats have worked for every couple that's come. They arrive angry and fighting, or cold and distant, and they leave smiling--in love again--and excited about their future.

Makes a great second honeymoon, and it certainly is more guaranteed to last than a normal vacation, no matter how exotic or expensive.

We hear from our retreaters for years afterward because the results unfold and grow over time.

One couple mutually decided to end their relationship with love and joy! Another couple with a 20 year age difference stopped fighting about it and had a baby.

You can also get great results even if only one of you attends the retreat, but why not both come, leave on the same wavelength, and get faster results? Once the other spouse sees the results afterward, they often sign up for the next retreat anyway.

It saves relationships, renews marriages, or makes "okay" couples very happy.

Okay, here's how it works....

Special tuition for couples in Europe only (married or not.) California is an intimate venue at Lola's home, with limited space, so all California retreats are full price for everyone. All our retreats are worth far more than the tuition!

Now that you know our retreats are for couples too, learn more about the retreats in general.

See our gorgeous retreat centers in California and Europe, held in Germany.

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