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How to Crisis-Proof Yourself, Find Calm in a Crisis

How to Crisis-Proof Yourself, Find Calm in a Crisis

07/01/2020 - 19:07 Submitted by Lola Jones

How to Become Crisis-Proof

Want to know how to convert fear and anxiety to calm, centered concern? How to be crisis-proof?
Then watch this video.

It's easy to be happy when everything's going our way. But something like Coronavirus, or any crisis, shows us how resilient, centered, and prepared we actually are.

Allow this video to soothe you and help you become crisis-proof. We sometimes call it bulletproof for fun. You could listen to the audio of this, but the energy is bigger with the video. The audio in English.

Audio: Deutsche Übersetzung des Videotextes!

More help for you -- listen often!

Being with Uncertainty Meditation, English only

Meditation to Soothe Fear, Cultivate Equanimity, English Only

Meditation to Soothe Fear, Cultivate Equanimity, English/German

Want the whole strategy, the whole path, for whole life change? Click here to begin your journey.

Submitted by Lolo
03/29/2020 - 06:32

I love these two meditations. In the past I woke up scared almost every night. I listened to them and fell asleep again. I am very happy about the support.

The meditation was about going within, where there is no fear , only peace. Something incredible happened to me during the meditation.  I found a deep acceptance of  myself I have never felt before.  Long stuffed tears of pain just poured down my face as I hugged an soothed that long rejected part of myself.  Wow, I did not expect that to happen.  Thank you Lola.

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