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Webinar Series: From Contrast to JOY!

Webinar Series: From Contrast to JOY!

Allow Lola Jones to lead you from breakdown to breakthrough, from struggle to soaring.

Contrast and challenges really are your friend, when you know how to use them, and don't resist them for too long.

We can't avoid all pain, but suffering is definitely optional. Lola's using some powerful new leading-edge methods to directly move your energy and get results fast.

"Who's holding you back?"

You may feel that vague feeling at times. Like an invisible tether, a shackle on your ankle. 

Oh, it's real.

But there's no force outside you that can hold you back. Please don't believe any superstitions about entities, shadow selves, deep dark evil forces, or alien genetic control, etc. It's none of that.

The good news.... and the bad news is: It's you.

It's in your control, but you have to take charge.

Even if it's energy from your other dimensional lives that's weighing you down, you can shift it; that energy is present and available to you right now. 

Here's more breaking news: God doesn't hold any karma against you -- if anyone does, it's you! 

The NEW webinar series: From Contrast to Joy will help people grow beyond the very human tendency to hold one's own self back.

⛔ > ⏩ 

We'll feel into and move that holding-back energy. Oddly, many spiritual people have that tendency. You'll learn why and let it go if you wish.

"What would be possible if I allowed
myself to fully bloom?"

Do challenges get you down, or do you surf them? 


Better yet, do you use them to pole vault to a better place?

The new From Contrast to Joy webinar series will help you make all contrasts your friend, your allies, to rocket you forward.

I'll energetically assist everyone to shift your energy so you don't fear problems, change, challenges, and contrasts anymore - you'll rise even higher through them. I'll coach those personally who need it.

You may even be able to say by the end, "I'm in love with contrast!"

Yes, it takes some spiritual mastery, and that's where Divine Openings leads.

What would happen of challenges propelled you forward instead of holding you back?

Join me in this LIVE Webinar Series and make contrast your good friend, ally, and alchemical catalyst. We'll metabolize contrast into pure, high, useable energy and velocity.

Get dates and register here.

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