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Virtual Retreat Live on Zoom

Join us at the retreat at Lola's home in Alpine, California
November 7 - 9 to 11am & November 8, 9, 10, 11 - 9 to 10 am

  • Big energy, the very newest energies and tools, for accelerated expansion and empowerment.
  • Enjoy the pleasure practices all day. Continue your retreat into the weekend if you wish!
  • Amazing practical results. Bring your list of desires.

You are tapped in to the live retreat energy from the Alpine in-person retreat. You get all the audios, videos, and meditations of the past Virtual Retreats to enrich your quiet inner-focused days. Then these audios and videos will be posted later for you. All for less than the cost of a few private sessions. Full details below. Tuition: $599

Virtual Retreat Live on Zoom


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God is always answering, offering, and fully available every second. If there's a disconnect, it's me. God never goes away. I do.
Lola Jones