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Things Are Going Great - 10 copies

We've decided to give you this foundational book at our cost, so you can share, share, share! Or sell them in your store for $26 each retail. Enjoy this offer while it lasts!

You pay only $89 for 10 books, and this includes shipping! That's exactly what our printer charges us to print them and ship them to your door - we make no profit on them at this special offer price. (English books only. We do not sell the German books on this website.)

To purchase 10 books, leave the quantity at "1" when you get to the cart.
For 20 books enter quantity of "2." For 30, select "3", etc.

Things Are Going Great - 10 copies


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Your heart desires it. Your Large Self starts the party. Just get yourself to the party. You do that by getting in the party spirit with your Large Self. You do that by dropping the old story about all the parties you didn't get to go to before.
Lola Jones