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Color Me Blissful

Color Me Blissful! A Divine Openings adult coloring book!

You'll Discover...

  • A great meditation and Pleasure Practice.
  • A wonderful gift for anyone, whether they know about Divine Openings or not--it could be their introduction to a whole new world!
  • Contains some of Lola's classic Divine Art.
  • Receive Divine Openings or Divine Mother Hugs from the art if you wish to. If not, it's just coloring!
  • Relax, release stress, and rediscover the kid in you!
  • Uplifting, transformative, and joyful energy that will entertain you.

Color Me Blissful


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The mind strains to grasp, categorize, control, and understand. The Larger Intelligence within you KNOWS without words or concepts, and actions occur with ease in concert with the flow of Life.
Lola Jones