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Audio Book - Things Are Going Great

enjoy The increased energy and power OF Lola's voice

Get tuned to a higher vibration as you listen to Lola read the newly updated 2018 12th Anniversary Edition of the book. Reach new depths of understanding. Deepen the basics. Purchase it separately below or get it free with purchase of the Portals:


  • DOWNLOAD or stream it RIGHT NOW - No waiting, no postage. Especially good for those who live in remote areas.
  • Start reading the timeless spiritual classic Things Are Going Great in My Absence by Lola Jones. Instant audiobook download.
  • After you order, go to "My Account" at top of the website. The book files will appear under "My Downloadable Products", or you can stream them from this site.


Audio Book

approximately 20 hours of invigorating listening

The English version is read by Lola Jones herself. Dive into the vibration and transform your life.

  • Enjoy the Grace you receive while listening to Lola's voice.
  • Listen to it when you are on the go or while doing your daily chores.
  • Listening increases your comprehension and gives extra energy.
  • It's more like being live with Lola.
  • Once you have the audiobook, you will always get any new updates for free. They appear automatically in your My Account. Ready to download or stream. 
  • Get the physical book as well so you see it, and can highlight and make notes.


Audio Book - Things Are Going Great


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Effective Questions, from Level 2 Online: "What amazing thing is coming that I cannot possibly imagine?" "What long-held-back desire am I just about ready to let in?"
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