Creativity... or What Feeds YOUR Soul?

By Lola Jones

I set an intention to do more art, so I did my 10% and set up a spot in our large garage that's converted to a gym where I could paint anytime.

Surprisingly the first projects didn't turn out to be canvases.

Recently I found myself not inspired to work in my office. I was working everywhere else in the house to avoid it.

I'm an artist at the core, and beauty and lusciousness in my environment feed my soul, especially if I had a hand in creating it.

I'd been compromising, trying to make the dark furniture work for me, but I didn't like it anymore.

And when I looked at desks online, they weren't lighting me up.

I realized I wanted my office not to look like an "office" but a haven, a sensual place to spend time.

So I gave the dark, hard edged furniture to our neighbor and started almost completely over.

The best pieces were from flea markets. I bought them for low prices from $5 for a basket, to $10 for the tiny marble top table, to $120 for the big glass table, and painted them to look fantastic!

This video shows how I transformed my office from dark and heavy to light, bright, and uniquely ME for less than $400.

Most of the magic was worked with about $32 worth of paint.

I wish I had taken "before "pictures of the old, dark brown office wall and the dark wood desk and chest I gave away.

This project was so fulfilling, and now I love spending time in my office.

I hope this inspires you to do what feeds your soul--whatever it is.

Ease and creativity,


Update Teaser: 
Lola expressing creativity in her home!


Just beautiful! can you do more videos like this? can we see your bedroom?