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Color Me Blissful! A Divine Openings adult coloring book!

You'll Discover...

  • A great meditation and Pleasure Practice.
  • A wonderful gift for anyone, whether they know about Divine Openings or not--it could be their introduction to a whole new world!
  • Contains some of Lola's classic Divine Art.
  • Receive Divine Openings or Divine Mother Hugs from the art if you wish to. If not, it's just coloring!
  • Relax, release stress, and rediscover the kid in you!
  • Uplifting, transformative, and joyful energy that will entertain you.

Color Me Blissful is unique

Along with traditional coloring book line drawings you get shaded drawings adapted from fine art paintings that give you a sense of making real art! Get ready to relax into a meditative state, release stress, and rediscover the kid in you!

Studies show that coloring reduces stress, calms the nervous system, and just plain makes you feel good. Coloring brings out the carefree, innocent kid in us all.

This coloring book, with original art by Lola Jones and Donna W., has an extra special energy in it, along with ideas to inspire you to create your life more playfully! You'll feel your vibration rising as you color your cares away.

About the artists

Lola Jones, creator of the international personal and spiritual growth program Divine Openings. Lola is also an author, artist, singer, and cowgirl. And Donna W., former Divine Openings associate.

We can only ship to US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. It's printed in those areas so shipping is reasonable.

Doodle, draw and color as a meditation or just for grins.
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Color Me Blissful by Lola Jones

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