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Here's an Easy way to raise your vibration

cheat sheet 0want to raise your set point?  

Back when I was still training my mind to hold a high vibration, I used to print out my "Cheat Sheet" and kept it at bedside. 

It really worked! Upon waking I looked at it to get my mind focused on how I wanted to feel and think. That launched each day at a higher and higher vibe, rather than going with whatever default my mind happened to wake up with.

Use a Cheat Sheet!

by Lola Jones

Ending my day with the Cheat Sheet encouraged deep, peaceful sleep and... waking in a higher vibe. 

This is not new!

There are "30 Ways to Raise Your Altitude" in the back of my foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.
Plenty of ideas for your Cheat Sheet.

Did you actually do the activities in the book?

Some people read the book in a big hurry, don't actually do the basic activities, and then they wonder, "Why am I not getting the big results I read about on this site?"

Doing your 10% gets the momentum going.
Grace rolls with it and does 90%... or more!
You'll always find that there are certain things that really work for you--if you could only remember to use them!
The Cheat Sheet has you consistently choose your focus, then you don't let your mind run on auto-pilot. 
Make your Cheat Sheet using the "30 Ways" and the hundreds of new things you learn in the Online Portals.

Keep it fresh. Change it as your needs change. One day you'll soar without it!
Here's another super resource for your Cheat Sheet: the 65 catchy, memorable Mantras in back of my follow-on book, Living Large.
It comes free with Portal 2.

Deep, Warm Divine Mother Hugs,           
Lola Jones           
PS - To this day, I often wake up or go to sleep listening to my own meditation audios from the Portal 5 Mastery Course. I eat yummy food--why not feed myself yummy thoughts?

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If you can't laugh at yourself.... others will certainly, happily do the job for you.
Lola Jones