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Mentoring Guide

Mentoring Guide


What's Included in Your Advanced 1-Year Spiritual Mentoring Program

  • Lola is your Mentor, and gives you all five of your sessions, at your pace. 
  • Lola gets to know you and your needs, and Mentors and nurtures you to personal fulfillment and mastery.
  • Live webinars with Lola every 3 to 4 weeks keep you focused, connected, supported, in the flow.
  • Webinar audios/videos are posted in case you can't attend.
  • 21 in-depth course modules.
  • Hundreds of audios, videos with leading-edge material that's not in other courses. More added each month.
  • New structured Coaching Model. Coach yourself and others to mastery.
  • You'll have a smaller group (your Tribe) that will become your lifetime friends.
  • Enjoy attending the live Mentoring webinars forever after your year is over.
  • The 5 Portals are NOT included in this tuition, because most people already purchased some Portals before joining Mentoring.
  • To become a Professional Guide, you must complete all 5 Portals, plus additional requirements.

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