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California 5 Day Retreat

Alpine, California (near San Diego) November 7 - 11, 2022

Being with Lola in this powerful vortex is life-changing. You don't go back to your old life, you begin a new one. It's a permanent breakthrough into a new reality if you stay on the path. 

Since 2006 these retreats have been changing lives, and people come from all over the globe to remember who they really are: powerful beings who can and do create their own reality. You don't just shed years of fatigue and stress, you are permanently altered and empowered.

Lola Jones bathes you in peace and Grace until you feel like you've come home to yourself after a long absence. Welcome to Lola and Scott's comfortable private paradise. The perfect weather is just a little bonus.

California 5 Day Retreat



Pay a deposit of $900.00 per item

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Bring your enlightenment home to your family, embrace them rather than trying to change them, finally seeing the truth of the perfection in them exactly as they are .
Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell