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Guest Drop In, Healings, Live Divine Openings, end of California Retreat, June 2020

In person with Lola and Divine Openings Guides


  • Be with international spiritual teacher Lola Jones live in an intimate group.
  • Bring your intentions to the miracle-producing vortex of the morning after California Retreat! 
  • Soak up the amazing energy, high vibration, and bliss we always generate.
  • Everyone gets a powerful live Divine Opening, Divine Mother Hug, and/or a healing

"I want to thank you for allowing me to join in the guest event after your retreat. I left completely different than when I arrived. A few women said to me that I looked totally different at the end. That I glowed even:) I came home and fell asleep very hard. I slept from around 7pm to almost 10am the next day. My daughter said she started to film me cause I was making noises as I slept , that to her seemed really funny. (Not sure what that’s about?) I feel as though I made life long friends. And can’t wait to be able to attend the entire retreat! One of my new intentions is to attract enough money that I can pay for others to attend as well as my self. I’d love to create some kind of scholarship thing where I can send people and pay for them. I know this will happen ! Thank you so much again , you have no idea how lucky and blessed I feel to have been a part of the final day. Love you guys."   

NEXT GUEST EVENT:  Saturday, June 13, 2020 from 10 AM to 12 PM

At Lola's retreat home, 2368 Palo Danzante, Alpine, CA 91901.
Please arrive on time as we go into silence for the Divine Openings.

You don't have to email us to reserve your space, but it's nice if you do.
For questions about this event please email before Saturday, as no one is in the office on the weekend. Just come if in doubt. This is a powerful event that can be life-changing in itself. Invite your friends.
Give your Love Offering when you arrive: Cash only please--saves time so we can get to the good part! 

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