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Enlightened Business Webinars


Enlightened Business Webinar Series'

There is no current Enlightened Business Webinar series running. People have only needed one or two 12-week series' when combined with the online course to get their goals, so we don't need to do the webinars all of the time.

Buy it only if you see dates posted on this page!


Beyond Masterminding!

Would you like to grow your business with ease, flow, and joy instead of working harder or longer?

Join us in a powerful webinar series to expand your business results. Play with Lola and a powerful, lit up group. After six meetings you'll feel like you have an international business team! Above are happy participants from Scotland, UK, Sweden, Germany and the US.

Small groups for juicy interaction.

"Juicy session today. I have never felt like this – soooo easy." Jane Horton, UK

"I'm experiencing my work in a new, sensual, pleasurable way." Jenny, Scotland

"Thank you so much again for the short "session" you gave me in the last Enlightened Business Webinar (after that I had 2 dreams - in 1 you showed me how use a laser beam to shift energy and in one you gave me a divine mother hug!) Since then, the Energy around money has lifted a lot and lots of small (and 1 huge) improvements resulted from it. Also taking part in the Take Flight series worked magically together with this :-). Maaaaaaaaaaagic!!!!!  I can feel the Energy building up for the Retreat: so excited!" Lots of Love, Verena

Everyone gets tangible results in six weeks, and we had so much fun in the first one that everyone wanted to continue for another series.

If you miss one, you'll get the audio, and the videos are posted in the Enlightened Business Course.
You can still see the many past webinar videos inside the course when we're not having these webinars!

Watch this page for the next series dates.

  • Space is limited so everyone gets personal attention.
  • Register, then see below for how to access the webinars.
  • Please do not ask us when your audio is coming. We send it when we get caught up.
  • Most webinars are posted in online courses.
  • Your registration is your agreement to appear on video and audio. We don't edit them.

You must be enrolled in the Enlightened Business online course to join this webinar series.

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