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Zap Black and White Thinking, Navigating Covid-19

People said this Portal 3 webinar was super soothing and helped them get a perspective on coronavirus. It's also great preparation to enter Portal 4, which is much more fun if you're prepared for a fluid, non-concrete reality. Black and white thinking is narrow, primitive, and limiting.

By Lola Jones

This Portal 3 Webinar included a deep discussion on navigating information about Coronavirus. People said it was soothing and helpful in navigating the chaos of the Corona crisis. These discernment skills are useful far beyond that! 

Added note: Governments don't always handle things well. Let's do what's in our power: stay informed from verified sources (not social media or conspiracy theories); use proven, common-sense prevention (google "south korea coronavirus graph"; then google "south korea coronavirus success" to see how they succeeded); align our vibration, and yes, take action where we can. How can we influence others?




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