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Can Your Will Be the Same as God's Will?

YES. your Large Self's will is the same as God's Will. 

God wants to help you with what you want.  You're not a puppet here to take orders, you're here to co-create with Source to flex your muscles, and even to experiment and use contrast and mistakes to grow. 

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You're not a foot soldier, you're a captain of your life

You're a god in training.

 Of course you're following guidance, but spiritual guidance is usually not a straight black line drawn on a map; it bends and twists to follow your joy and your constantly clarifying desires. You know when you're being your Large Self; it's when you're vibrating high, relaxed and not tense. It's easier to naturally flow with the nudges Source sends you. Feeling powerless or worried as if you're just a powerless order-taker is small self.

Small self doesn't have the larger perspective. 

It is influenced by the collective's trivial values. It clings to the comfort zone, fearing for survival and resisting change. Small self's will is not bad or wrong, it's just more contracted, limiting, less powerful. And it may be resistant to the flow of Grace that makes things so much easier.

I felt called to go to Sedona, and it was perfect that we went, but we haven't decided if we want to live there. Scott had an amazing breakthrough there, but he really doesn't like cold and snow, and I don't feel energetic in extreme heat. We may just visit there a lot. You never have to sacrifice to follow guidance - it has to feel right to you. 

Lola Jones God's will

We'll visit and explore some other places too, and from our Large Selves we'll feel the contrasting pulls.

What to Do: 

feel it.

Are you feeling powerful, passionate, and worthy of having what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else? Then you're being your Large Self and your will is healthy and constructive.

Make a Key Decision

One may think there is a block to clear or an issue to heal before one can be a powerful co-creator with God. More often it's simply making a Key Decision to claim your power. 

Decide to let go of the illusion that you didn't have that power.

I say the same about worthiness

You don't need "healing" or any technique to get your worthiness. 
No one needs to fix it, or remove blocks to it, or give it to you.
It's already yours. 
You can't earn it, nor can you lose it.

Make a KEY DECISION to claim your worthiness.  

Diving In doesn't help it because there's no such thing as unworthiness.
Just give up the illusion that you don't have it.

All creatures are worthy.
All creatures are powerful. 
Claim your gifts.

Celebrate and rave if you've made these Key Decisions! 

If you need more help making Key Decisions, the home study Portal 1 gives you the tools give you a clear pathway to Mastery of your life.
Or a coaching webinar with Lola can be just the boost you need.
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