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Your New Reality: Some DIS-Assembly Required

REALITY: Some DIS-Assembly Required

by Lola Jones

In the sixties and seventies we shouted, "Question Authority!"

Now I tell people, "Disrespect Reality!"

Why give our power away to any outer "reality," whether it's government,
relationship, a job, or health condition? Just because it's physical and it's
staring you in the face doesn't mean it's real--or permanent. Don't give it so much respect.

Disrespect it.

Take your power back.

Today's reality is merely an out-picturing of your feelings and beliefs. Most people just keep re-creating
yesterday's reality! Vibrate differently, and tomorrow you could take delivery on a fresh reality.

Give up the old reality. It's all ephemeral-- as insubstantial as mist. In this Age of Reason, we've bought so heavily into physical "reality" that we actually worship it, bow down to it, revere it, and fear it.

Let's take an empowering look behind the curtain at what beliefs really are.

They're just big boxes of evidence that you've collected, or you "bought them"
from someone else. They are pre-decided experience! Our minds love to "organize"
our reality for us in compartments, all neatly boxed up. It's what we call our "grip" on reality.

Classic example: As a child, Sue fails at something.
That's her first piece of evidence that she's unworthy.
She becomes a magnet for more evidence of it.
Soon she's collected a whole box of evidence for it, other people affirm it regularly as they reflect her reality back to her, and it becomes HER reality.

She doesn't know why.

Then she practices Divine Openings. Her reality changes. She feels a new self-confidence and worthiness, which allows in all the good things she's wanted.

Your vibration determines and controls how you experience yourself, the world, and others.
And more evidence keeps showing up because we always attract evidence that fits our beliefs.
Anything we deeply believe, even if it's unconscious, seems to get more and more true by the day.

What do you do with evidence that doesn't support your beliefs?

Your mind deletes, distorts, or discounts it, because it doesn't fit in the box with the other contents! Your mind thinks, "Oh, that's a fluke!

This applies to every concept you have about yourself, the world, and others.

More evidence keeps showing up. We attract evidence that fits our beliefs. Anything we deeply believe in our unconscious seems to get more and more true by the day.

What DO you do with evidence that doesn't support your beliefs?

Your unconscious deletes it, because it doesn't fit in the box with the other contents!

You think, "Oh, that's a fluke!" I often see people being completely unable to see positive evidence that doesn't fit in their box.

What evidence? Where? It's as if for them, it's not there!

Or you can discount it,, "Well, I succeeded at that, but that was too EASY. Any failure of a person could succeed at that!" or you can distort it, "Yes, it's working now, but it won't keep working."

Most people don't experience reality at all. They literally only experience their boxes. Sit with that for a moment! Their family is filed away in boxes, their health and their job is seen through the filter of their box of evidence.

What they believe is possible for them in life is all boxed up and sealed. Done.

We can experience life directly, not through boxes and filters.

Unbox a new life!

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There are two main kinds of beliefs, the kind you picked up from a personal experience like Sue's, and beliefs you absorbed by osmosis from your parents, culture, media, friends, and the giant collective unconscious--in my book that's referred to as the Ancient Mind.

The collective unconscious or Ancient Mind is a sort of "community pool" of beliefs that we swim in daily. We live by thousands of unquestioned assumptions that we "absorbed" unconsciously from this collective.

One of the most damaging of these beliefs is that reality is some kind of fixed, unchangeable thing. How often do you hear, "face reality," "get real," "be realistic," or "that's impossible"?

Any reality is only one out of many possibilities.

Why limit yourself?

People say, "This is THE reality. It's proven, true, and real because there is evidence."

Of course you have evidence!

When you believe it, evidence for it finds you. You attract it like a magnet. And once you know how powerful you are, you will never again be a victim of a reality that you yourself created.

When you get conscious of your beliefs and take back your power, you're really going to like what happens.

Ask The Presence to go on a box-busting adventure with you. If you can't find the belief that's holding you back, ask The Divine to do the heavy lifting.

The Dive In And Be With It audios are great for this, because you don't have to know, figure out, or analyze what's holding you back. You just tune into the subject you want to address, and find the feeling. Then relax, and let the process take you.

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OR..... if you're already good at the diving in process, you've mastered the moving of your emotions, and surf them like a pro, here's something more advanced for you:

When you create something you don't particularly like, try this:
"Hmmm, how amazing that I created that. I sure am a powerful creator.
It's only energy in form, and I can create something else just as easily."

When you create something you love, try this:
"Ahhh, I created that.
I sure am a powerful creator.
It's only energy in form, but I sure do appreciate it."



Dig out your old hippie headband and start a revolution.

Bust some boxes!

Disrespect reality!


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