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You May Be Shocked to Find Out What Your Priorities Really Are!

We opened the front door to go to lunch and saw a 100-foot-high wall of smoke and fire.

The fire was less than a mile away and blowing in our direction.

Scott yelled, "Pack some clothes and GO!" Within ten minutes we were gone.

Mom and I retreated to the nearby Alpine Lodge. Scott, who was once a firefighter, stayed to protect the house, against our protests.

Some volunteer angels drove up and swept the horses off to a safe place.

After the adrenalin rush and trembling hands while packing, it was relatively undramatic.

I credit Divine Openings for the equanimity.

It was actually surprising to realize I truly wasn't that attached to the house and possessions, as amazing as they are, and as little time as we’ve been here to enjoy them (11 months.)

Your real priorities get crystal clear in such moments.

I always thought I'd want to take more stuff, or would worry more about the house, but I didn’t.

What was important?

Scott, Mom, me and the ponies.

We're back home safely now, but that adventure inspired me to help you get real about your priorities, too.

Do you know what your real priorities are? Are you sure?

Take this inventory and you will get real.

Step 1: Rank what you think your priorities are. You could print this out and number them, or make your list in order:

  • Your health
  • Romance, love with spouse or partner
  • Family
  • Fun and laughter
  • Learning and mind development
  • Friends and social life
  • Work and money-making
  • Watching TV
  • Social media
  • Internet surfing
  • Texting instead of being present with live people
  • Spiritual expansion (true fulfillment and happiness are included in this)
  • Creativity, using your talents, soul's expression
  • Service, giving back, paying it forward
  • Home improvement and enjoying/nesting
  • Adventure and challenge
  • Travel
  • Leisure, relaxation, reading, etc.
  • Hobbies
  • Others you want to add?

Step 2: Now let's get real.

Beside each item write how much time, resources, and money per month you actually devote to each. You will notice:

  • What we think or say our priorities are means nothing.
  • Our true priorities are revealed by where we invest our time, resources, and money.

Some will be shocked to find that the actual priorities are watching TV and social media. Ex: How much is your TV cable bill? How many hours per day are devoted to social media?

It's easy to take the lazy route rather than being proactive.

If there's resistance to doing this and getting real about it, soften and witness yourself.

It's okay... awareness is powerful.
Now that you know--you can change it

Step 3: Now list in order what your true priorities will be going forward

Write by each:

  • How will you now commit your time, resources, and money to your true priorities?
  • How will that renewed commitment enrich your life?
  • How can you experience how good it will be in rich, sensory detail? How will it feel, smell, taste, look, and sound?

Date it and place it somewhere you can see it.

I got real and re-prioritized some things myself!

Ease and Flow,


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