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You Came Here To Get Your Hands Dirty

Before you read this week's wonderful message, remember to let us know your experiences with the new website, whether it was a breakthrough you had, or a technical problem (yes, we all have them!)

And that is a great lead-in to this article!....

You Came Here To Get Your Hands Dirty

Sometimes we think that once we're on the spiritual path or enlightened, things should ALWAYS go smoothly, and every effort should work out perfectly. If something goes wrong, we can wonder, "Did I do something wrong? Was I off track?"

No, not necessarily.

We came here to experience a physical world. It's not as light, fast, and instant as it is in the pure world of spirit. If you'd wanted to stay in the non-physical and snap your fingers (so to speak ... you wouldn't HAVE any fingers) and have things appear instantly -- you'd have stayed in the non-physical.

You chose to come here to experience time and evolution, density and contrast. This is a different experience than pure spirit, and you wanted that.

A baby takes nine months to develop here. We don't snap our fingers and voila, a baby. You can do that in the non-physical, but here the game is more linear, slower. And here, there is an element of creating it as you go, trying new things, expansion, going places you haven't been before, and moving step by step. Here, part of the game is that you have access to your Divine Self that knows all, but not complete all-knowing omniscience.

Now of course you can speed up any endeavor by being more attuned with your non-physical, unlimited self. You can let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. But you will still experience trial and error, obstacles and challenges, opportunities to expand and evolve. You came here to do that.

Imagine football, golf, or a video game with no obstacles and no challenges. No one would want to play that game. Building my new website has been magically easy in some ways, and yet there have been challenges. Some of them are reflections of my vibrations of worry, doubt, and overwhelm, and others are just par for the game.

We came here to play the game. Dive in. Get your hands dirty, if not your whole face! Fall down. Try again. Celebrate wins. Walk on from losses.

Enjoy your trials as well as your triumphs today. You're on track.



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