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You ain't BROKE!

You Ain't Broke

That's a down home Texas way to comment on how personal/spiritual growth and religion so often centers around "healing" or "fixing" or redeeming your bad, broken self.
You ain't sick, bad, or broke.
We may stand to learn to shift perspectives and flow our energy more fluidly. We may need to wake up and remember what astoundingly powerful beings we are. We may want to reclaim our true selves. But we ain't broke.
Your Large Self is intact and humming along in bliss at this very moment.
It's the small self that's doing any limping or bleeding.
And it doesn't need healing.
The minute it gets in the back seat,
and lets the Large Self drive the bus, all is well. 
I see it all being about moving stagnant energy. Moving emotion. All emotions are Divine Energy -- even the ones you don't like are just Divine Energy slowed down, or "resisted".

Emotional mastery is key to spiritual growth.

It's the most common block to going higher that I see in advanced seekers.
And it's unconscious.
People want to do the "spiritual bypass", and avoid those lower emotions,
but you can't go higher till you get that emotional mastery.
And it's easy -- no-drama -- when you know how to move energy.
With the ability to move energy, and with no resistance to absolutely any feeling...... the past becomes irrelevant, serious "blocks" disappear, and a new life opens up. I know that to many who are mired in emotions and real life problems, this sounds flip, and impossible, and maybe even makes ya' mad..... and operators are standing by to take your complaints.   ; >)
But it's true. Nobody's life is broken, nobody's family is broken (not even  disgusting Uncle Bill), and there's nothing to heal or fix. If we keep looking for things to heal or fix, in ourself or another, we'll actually create more of it..... forever.

I told a client who gets together with another client to do "healing" on each other, "Just get together and pamper each other. Just do it because it feels good to be attended to, not to fix anything." Her face lit up. "Yeah..." she grinned, "I just like the attention."

It's possible to shift to an empowered perspective overnight. I see it happen all the time. Looking back, it kinda gives you that "What have I been doing all these years?" feeling. Not to mention the "So what have I spent all that time and money on seminars, therapy, and books for?" feeling...... sigh.

A guy wrote today and said, "I'm only on page 59 of your book, and I'm thinking I could have saved about about $10K last year if I'd known this."
How do you learn to move energy and remember the full magnitude of who you are? Step by step, ideally. And.... be sure to let Divine Grace do the heavy lifting.
Then things get light.
Some people pop into full enlightenment very quickly.
Most take some months.
But that's short compared to lifetimes, isn't it?
(Not that there's any hurry..... : >)

Their Auras Are White!
It's been ecstatic lately watching clients flower into enlightenment. At the BodyMind Spirit Expo this weekend two of them showed me their aura photos. Their auras were pure white! It was so cool to see. I had never seen this before.

Note: I'm not that crazy about aura photos.

Auras are multi-layered and complex, and the colors are fleeting and are easily misinterpreted.
But when it's pure white, that's amazing.
No interpreting needed there.  

Mine is not completely white yet, but I am perfectly happy with the pace of my awakening. I get to experience what most people go through, and I can relate to their journey from personal experience.

The Divine is doing the work anyway.
I step out of the way and let it come through.
The whole weekend was full of warm, wonderful people I've worked with coming by to say hello, tell me their progress, or to go to the next level.
I was exhilarated by Sunday night.
Best of all, one of my dearest, oldest friends flowered a couple months ago. Now get this: he's 57 and in a nursing home rehabilitating from having his leg amputated from diabetes, is on dialysis, on disability, has no other income, and his close family has all recently died.

He is in bliss all the time. The doctors, nurses, and aids get uplifted by him. He's more optimistic about his future than I've ever known him to be. He's lost 80 pounds and works out 5 hours a day building upper body strength so he can walk on his new artificial leg. (They sent a shrink in to talk with him because they thought he "wasn't taking it all seriously enough." They'd never seen anything like this before.)

We think our outer circumstances have to change before we can be free.

Before we can be happy.....?

He is free. He's won the game in the 7th inning.

He had four Divine Openings over the last year.
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5-Day Vacation in Heaven, Anyone?
The next 5-Day Silent Intensive,
& Initiation to Give Divine Openings is now registering.

The only prerequisite is Level One.
Two reasons to give yourself this 5-day vacation in pure Heaven:
1. So you can serve others and initiate their enlightenment. Even being around you will wake people up. You can put the energy in your art, music, medical practice, mechanic work, or software, for goodness sake. It can be put into anything and it will light it up.
2. Because it feels sooooo good.
3. It will speed up your enlightenment and catapult you into a whole new realm. I can't describe it, because it's a new reality, and you can't imagine it until you've experienced it. I can try if you call me (no emails on this one please.... I type too slow.)

OK, so that's 3 reasons.

Even if you never plan to give a formal Divine Opening to anyone, you will become a most powerful beacon of light. That's 4 reasons.

You'll spend five 12-hour-days at the ranch without speaking. You can't imagine how relaxing that is until you've done it. I'll speak very little. Divine Presence does  the work. You'll go home or to a hotel at night and be quiet and inward. It is delicious. The hardest part of the 21 day silence I went through was starting to talk again!

A chef will prepare your food, and we'll do some movement, Divine Openings, and simple activities all day. You'll spend the most time doing absolutely nothing, deep in the Divine Presence, while the energy prepares you for initiation. The time flies and you don't want it to be over. You are never the same again. Life opens up new doors. Ease, clarity, and Grace flows.

There's a 16 day preparation period, so you need to register early if you want to take this journey. We are looking at dates right now and will take your needs into consideration.

This course truly can be the end of seeking. You become inner-guided, inner-balancing, and when you have a question, you ask within, when you have a need, you go within.... And it gets fulfilled. Your relationship with The Divine is deep and personal.

Call me if you're ready.
PS - Since Divine Openings, I haven't needed or wanted any OUTER spiritual or personal growth seminar, book, help, or session. I WANT to take everything within now. Who else better to ask?
Famous people have invited Michael and me to their expensive seminars free, given us their books free, offered us sessions free, and we're both thinking, "We'd rather stay home and fold socks."
Living's more fun than seeking.
Heck, folding socks is more fun than seeking. 
Finding is FUN.

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