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Spiritual Enlightenment Shopping in Paris???

A friend who's living in Paris was walking down a street recently, and lo and behold there was a boutique called Lola Jones, not exactly a French name! She sent us this photo.

We were imagining that you have to ask for the secret room in back where the Divine Openings are given, and then you try on clothes while your spiritual enlightenment flowers.

Then you go out the door brightened and enlightened. We hope you get as much of a kick out of it as we do. Wow, first Lola gets a song, now a boutique.

Okay, now, here's our humorous version of the photo, only slightly photoshopped:

Disclaimer: Okay, this is the real shop. We like ours better....

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The world doesn't need 6 billion healers or spiritual teachers, but more lit up, joyful, enlightened clerks, artists, ditch diggers, doctors, and accountants would round things out nicely. We need all those things, and every person can be inspired and truly serve.
Lola Jones