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Worthiness Is A Given

Mara said, "Was having a little heart to heart with my Large Self walking my dog
this morning & felt inspired to write this and wanted to share it with you."

Worthiness Is A Given
by Mara, Austin, Texas

If you’re a living, breathing being here on this planet Earth, your
worthiness is a given.

Worthiness doesn’t care about your age, race, gender, sexuality, or religion,
Or how tall you are or how many pounds you weigh,.
It’s not interested in SAT or IQ scores,
Or how many facebook friends you have,
Your worthiness is a given.

Worthiness doesn’t care how many talents you have, or what they are,
How much money you have in the bank or whether you’re deeply in debt,
Whether you were the nerd or the prom queen in school,
Or whether you’re a wallflower or the life of the party,
Your worthiness is a given.

Worthiness doesn’t care if you live in a convent or a prison cell,
What good or bad deeds you did in the past,
It doesn’t care about trophies, medals, or ribbons,
Or whether in this moment you’re feeling confident or insecure,
Your worthiness is a given.

Worthiness doesn’t care about the kind of car you drive,
What you do for a living,
What neighborhood you live in,
Or how much you spent on your shoes,
Your worthiness is freely given.

There isn’t any test to pass, lesson to learn, or hoops to jump through,
Your worthiness is a given.

So…what are you waiting for?
Pick it up!

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