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Working On The Universe Is Even Harder Than Working On Yourself

You all know that Divine Openings is not about work.

You know that it's not about working on yourself -- that it's about becoming who you really are, and work becomes unecessary. You know that it's about seeing the perfection that already is, not looking for things to fix, thus creating more of what is not wanted.

A Divine Openings Giver wrote recently and said she'd been doing "work on the Universe" and that it can get taxing.

Well, I guess so! That's like working on yourself times 6.7 billion times whatever else there is in the Universe.
I don't teach this or recommend it. Divine Presence runs the Universe just fine.

I wrote to her:

Always make sure not to sacrifice and let it get hard.....
For your Large Self things are never hard, it's only an unfolding.
Taxing or hard brings heaviness to the world instead of light.
When we get too serious about anything, it is giving our power away.

When it stops being about joy and gets into fixing and healing, we're creating brokenness and sickness.
It's a razor's edge.

We bring to the world what we're vibrating, and if we're vibrating doom or danger,
that is what we're creating. When people sit and "work on" the world,
they're often just radiating out what is wrong.

I've just never related well to fixing the world, which is evolving and not broken.

Frankly I never do sit and meditate for the poor broken world.
Or for "poor broken anyone". I don't see them poor and broken in the first place.
I see them as powerful beings, choosing to play the game of life how they want to play it.
Some people come here to live challenging adventures in this life.

If I were to sit and visualize what I want for other people, it feels like I'm trying to create for them.
Don't they get to do that?
I don't think we can or even should be able to create FOR other people.
They get to do that with their own free will.
My vision of utopia may not be theirs.
Some people want to be in wars and struggles. They like it.

When people come to me of their own free will and ask, I help them.
If I were asked to go to a Third World country and raise consciousness, I would say yes.
But create for them? No. That's their free will. They get to keep it.

I guess we all have our own approach.
I like to focus on liberating people and having them create what they do want.
Then they vibrate that instead of the old paradigm.

The other factor is that in almost every single case where I've seen a light worker get real wrapped up in fixing the world, it is invariably true that they need to get joyful within themselves first. Very often they are avoiding what they feel.

You don't need to work on the world.
Just get happy and act out of that joy.
Create out of that joy.
It will impact the world, without work.
And it respects other people's free will.


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