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Work and Play: The Words Get In The Way

What does "work" and "play" really mean anymore?
Work is fun. I LOVE it. I can't stop doing it.
If I were a billionaire, I'd still choose to do it.

But the words get in the way -- it's funny calling things "work" and "not work"
and "play" and "not play"...
... it's all good.

Someone I like offered me a lotta money to take on another project with him that had nothing to do with spiritual stuff, because he knows I have skills in the technology area. When The Presence woke up in me, it wanted to do lots of things that are not stereotypical "spiritual stuff". It wanted to paint and do technology and internet stuff, ride a tractor, write..... 

..... God is about everything, not just that narrow concept of spiritual.

So when I told my friend, "I have a long list of projects to get done, and I don't want more work", I meant "I choose variety and balance in my life. I don't need more projects." I'm pretty focused on what I do and while there are many facets and a lot of variety to it, I don't need more to do.

I like a lot of variety, so I'm not sitting in front of this computer all the time getting a flat (or fat) butt, not jumping on and off airplanes all the time,
not in front of people teaching all the time.

Thinking about spiritual stuff all the time is not balanced. The original point of all that was to get happy and make the world great, right? So that's happening. So now enjoy it! Live!

Variety means doing more things that take me out of the house,
into nature, or that get me moving, shaking, laughing,
playing with others.......

It makes ya glow!

Then The Presence showed me a way to work with three collaborators at one time,
including that new person, using skype, and doing it all in a group setting,
instead of doing it three times, one-on-one. I had gotten carried away and over committed there for a while, because it was all so exciting.
I created a mastermind group where we all talk about how to implement those projects together,
AND I can videotape it and make it available as an online course.
Watch for that!

In addition to "work" this week:
I went out dancing 3 nights,
worked out,
hiked on the creek with the dogs,
meditated several times for ten minutes each,
got a massage,
wrote some new info on the website,
tweaked some pages,
went shopping twice,
mowed four acres of the ten (wheee, quality time with Mr. John Deere!),
had two dates,
cooked quick easy healthy meals that were faster than going out,
and rode my horse!

That's what I'm talkin' about!

And today, on a Sunday, I'm writing ("working") because it's flowing, and I want to.

Enough about me. That's good to stretch your sense of what's possible, so now let's talk about you:

If you want more balance, listen and feel your Instrument Panel in every moment. Follow ALL the nudges, hunches, clues, and steps you get, without questioning why. Make feeling better your number one goal. It matters more than anything else. Playing with your kids more or sitting under a tree could rock your world in ways that cannot be explained logically.

If you want change, you have to do something different. You can't keep doing, thinking, saying, and feeling the same things and get different results. That's nuts. Look at where you're in resistance to following your guidance, changing, seeing things in a whole new way, or letting in what's trying to come to you.

Generate love for whatever you're doing right now, and find everything right about it that you can.  When I worked as a grocery checkout girl to put myself through college, I was the BEST grocery checkout person. I worked to be fast, accurate, courteous, and leave every customer feeling good. Whenever I was at work, I tried to get as much done as possible, straightening up the shelves when not busy, but always dropping everything to put a customer first.

That attitude about what some would call a menial job carried over into everything I did later. Every job was a good job, and then it was time to move on happily.

How could you be more happy right where you are?
How could you have a better attitude about your present work?
How could you leave people feeling better just from having contact with you or your company?

Stop complaining, ever, and substitute things like:
"OK, I want something different or more than this. I'm happy now, and looking for more, and following the intuitive leads."
"This is not pleasing to me. I'm softening my resistance to what is, and I'm also open to new ways, venues, people, opportunities."

Be willing to take the baby steps.
I see people looking for the "get rich quick" scheme, not paying attention and giving care to their current work,
and I promise you that bungs up their vibration big time.

They sit and wait for The Divine to deliver their fortune,
and miss the little, mundane, but vital steps that eventually lead to the big bonanzas.

I worked a lot more in the early years of Divine Openings.
Too much sometimes, such that I didn't exercise, socialize, or cook good food enough.
But I loved it.
And magic happened that compounded my efforts.

By ease, I don't mean "no work".
I mean my work was and is so much in the flow that it magnetizes to it more than the sum of my work.

Forget "get rich quick".
Forget being discovered or rescued.
It doesn't happen that way for many people, and if you let go of it,
and just put one foot in front of the other joyfully, and stop complaining and taking score,
it will happen more quickly.

If you're enjoying life, you won't care how fast it comes,
because life is about every minute of every day,
not the day your ship comes in.

The day after that is just another day, and if you're not living in joy,
your ship coming in won't fix that.

I don't even want to win the lottery, and never buy the tickets.
It distracts from the point of creating and watching your creations unfold and evolve.

Ask and you shall receive.


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