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Wonderful Spiritual/Practical Discussion

Wonderful Spiritual/Practical Discussion

Topics range from "is suffering necessary?" "website as ashram" "how your path winds to where you're going" "letting go of resistance to where you are now" "resolve fear from another dimension/life." 

04/05/2021 - 11:47 Submitted by Lola Jones

Enjoy this audio as Lola ranges over many important topics

From a live application session for the Mentoring Program, this audio is powerful.

On the Divine Openings path there are always new ways to expand, and it's usually a pleasure, a delight, and keeps you interested and curious about what's next. 

Your path can be an ever-unfolding adventure in being more connected with your powerful Large Self, and The Divine Presence that encompasses all worlds. And Divine Openings is practical and makes your everyday life better. Dry theory doesn't help your everyday life. 

Get started on a spiritual path that works

The best times of your entire life are just ahead: Your Journey Begins

Lola Jones Things are going Great

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Truth evolves: God as authority figure out there". Then God inside us. Then us inside it. We outgrow calling it a relationship, as that is God as "other". Now we "talk to ourselves," no separation between God and us."
Lola Jones