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Winners and Losers: Can You Rise Above Your Biases?

Article by Lola Jones

Can you see outside your side's perspective?

I invite you, I challenge you to do it as you read this. This is not a light, fluffy article. It gets deep, and I invite you to go deep.

Political and world events....
Wanted vs. unwanted things.....

It's all an opportunity to remember who we really are.

Since the recent U.S. presidential election, literally half the country is celebrating, hoping that at last they have been heard and included--hoping relief is on the way for them. I hope it is. This article will be even more empowering.

For the other half of the country Tuesday felt like a death. Friendships and family ties are dissolving in angry disagreements.

Here we honor, soothe, and empower both the "winners" and the "losers," and I challenge everyone to expand beyond right and wrong--to see it as your Large Self sees it, in all its diversity and possibility.

And to accept this invitation to remember who you really are.

You'll particularly enjoy the story about what happened in the Divine Openings office the day after the election.

First, let's honor the "winners."

The world was changing at a dizzying rate, and old reliable, cherished jobs and ways were gone or failing you. The steady rise in the economy wasn't fast enough, maybe you felt the government had failed you, there wasn't enough, or someone else had taken yours. You rose up from powerlessness, sadness, fear and finally felt emboldened to scream out your anger.

Your built-up desire and anger was strong.... stronger than the other half of the population's desires.

So you "won." You got "a change."

Sure, celebrate graciously and compassionately. Your voice was heard after many years of feeling powerless, angry, and blocked.

But the only powerful and enduring change one can make comes from deep inside one's self. True empowerment happens inside a person--it doesn't come from outside sources--no one can "give it to us," and no one can take it away.

When we think power can come from outside, when we hand over too much of our power to outer fixes, governments, policies, soldiers, or police, it always falls short.

It's tempting to want someone or something "out there" to save us, rescue us.

We want someone to give us hope, a job, better wages, rights, protections, security, insurance, to shield us from the only constant: change. They should guarantee us the American dream. Needing outer conditions to go our way before we can feel happy is shaky ground. And it can cause us to miss looking inside for an opportunity for spiritual expansion that will not wear off.

If WE haven't evolved and expanded ourselves, we end up feeling like a victim again after the initial high of the new outer fix wears off, or as so often happens, that darn Emperor turns out to have no clothes.

No politician, no administration can ever do it for you.

What pleases half of the population enrages the other half.

Politicians are doomed to fail all of you some of the time, and to fail some of you all of the time. None of them can ever perfectly match all of your desires and beliefs. None of them is all good or all bad, but we feel compelled to see it that way to justify our biases, to be right. To be wrong feels terrifying.

You always throw politicians out after a few years,
no matter what great things they did or didn't do,
only to bring in another one
who can't possibly do it for you either.

Witness the cycle.

The illusion of winners and losers, salvation and doom.

Sure, participate, place your vote, stand up and shout, be active, make a difference, build something, do something, give, help... shape the physical world however you can.

Just be conscious of what happens when you place too much
of the power to fulfill your hopes and dreams "out there."

It's not your salvation.

It's not the solution.

It never was.

Don't be lured into giving away your inner power, win or lose.

It's actually more dangerous to give outside sources our power when we "win."
Someone else did it for us--no expansion happened within us.

When I find my power within myself, in my Source, no one can ever take it away.

It's real. It's permanent.

One more thought for the winners: before you say or post anything on Facebook, ask yourself, "Is it loving, kind, compassionate, constructive, or even slightly harmonizing or helpful?" It's tempting to hide behind the anonymity of social media, and it's causing unprecendented callousness and hate to seem normal! Yikes!

The presumed "losers," the disappointed ones, had also given their power away. I admit, I dipped into fear... for about 36 hours. With Divine Openings, we can move things very quickly.

So let's honor how the losers felt. They said they'd never experienced anything like it around politics. It was a visceral feeling, like they'd been beat up, or had a death in the family, a divorce, or a serious loss. I saw despair, fear, anger, numbness, depression. People in the grocery store and in restaurants looked stunned, speechless, zombie-like, as with shell shock or post traumatic stress.  People were going through classic stages of grief and trauma!

In my almost 63 years I'd never seen people cry or get seriously depressed after an election. Note that sadness and depression are far lower on the Instrument Panel (posted below) than anger, the more usual response when "our team doesn't win."

It's okay to use the bridge of anger to move up! Just don't get stuck there. Anger's a great short-term tool and dynamite blaster up the Instrument Panel, but not a great way of life.

Check your own Instrument Panel constantly during challenging times. Challenge yourself to find things you agree with or can admire about the opponent.

The day after... When two of my assistants came to work the Wednesday "morning after" their despair was palpable, so I set aside plenty of time to honor and feel through feelings, allow them, embrace them, and let them move.

"Go ahead and cry!" I said to one who was holding back tears and trying to suck it up. "Let's set aside some time to grieve so we can get that energy moving, and get that power back." In a non-formal way I invited them to dive into those feelings, to let them be, to embrace them, honor them.

I nudged them gently away from the story, while acknowledging how real and powerful the story seemed at that moment.

I shared how, with the mantra, "Politics doesn't create my reality--I do," I'd sailed through at least two eight-year periods of political darkness and economic recession that one of them is too young to remember. I shared with them how good it had felt to help so many others be happy and prosperous through those times when my country was often a keen embarrassment to me. (Humor alert--lighten up people: when traveling abroad if people asked where I was from, I'd grin and say, "Canada." While nobody ever hates Canada, America was often truly hated back then.)

"Politics didn't create my reality back then, and how it won't now if we don't let it," I offered to my team.

The government doesn't create my reality--I do.

We accepted the invitation to remember who we are.

At first "the invitation" may feel like a gut punch, an indescribable ache all over the body, a painful loss of a cherished ideal. The stories I heard ranged from "we're in big trouble now" to "it's the end of the world."

But feel how that story spins you into an even darker place. So allow and honor those feelings, staying out of the story. Don't run from pain, focus on the body, let it move, be there for yourself.

It took about an hour to raise the vibration up the Instrument Panel (a basic tool of Divine Openings, fully explained in the book. See it just below.)

We gently massaged our vibration up to the tipping point, where you begin to get Grace momentum, and just above that, at acceptance, letting go, relief, neutrality, and calm, quiet mind, we finally got to work.

We noticed how focusing on work that was productive and uplifting was something we could control. It empowered us, lifted us higher and higher, and soon we were at enthusiasm, and then we were on a roll. So much got done in the second hour!

instrument panel 2019 color english web

We celebrated Cara's discovery of some reports showing that our book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence was experiencing a renewed explosion all over the world that we didn't even know about until that moment. We delighted in how, at that very moment, so many people out there were being soothed and empowered by that book... in our absence!

We didn't "do anything" specific to make that happen except take baby steps daily--then, BOOM, something happened somehow. We soared on that feeling, that we get to contribute so much to so many, to make that difference.

We raved about how Claudia just manifested free horses. A 70 year old neighbor wanted to fulfill his dream of learning to ride and told her he'd buy and keep two horses if she would be his trainer, and she can consider the horses hers too. Claudia and her hubby have four children and grandma in their prosperous household, but horses are an expensive hobby, so this was a gift of Grace for her--all the fun with none of the expense. We looked at pictures of the man on his new horse, and noted how cool it was that she had attracted this friend/neighbor into her world. He's a well-known humanitarian attorney who shares her passion for helping others--what a vibrational friend matchup. 

We laughed that while it was on Claudia's to do list to get the German version of the book posted on Amazon.de in Germany, somehow one of our international book distributors had already done it. She beamed, "It happened in my absence!" I added, "Yes, and here at Divine Openings, you get extra credit for that!" She did her part by posting the book with one distributor and then Grace compounded her work.

Notice how this story took you on a ride up the Instrument Panel.

What story we choose to focus on makes all the difference. Think about what would have happened if we'd dwelt on the dis-empowering "all is lost" story!

Something remarkable is going on: Obama is being so high vibration, Trump has asked him to give him counsel as President. When your vibration is high, it brings out the high vibration in others.

If you've read the book all of this will make perfect sense to you. If you haven't yet read it you have a big, rewarding adventure ahead! Enjoy!

Love, Grace, and Empowerment for All,

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