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Why Does God Let Disasters Happen?

Your perception of absolutely everything is influenced by your vibration.

As your Larger Self you cannot even reach into the lower vibrations. There is no experience of problems or suffering--only evolution, variety, and possibility. 

Those who have taken the 5 Portals of Awakening 
and are well into their evolution will be able to hear this most clearly.

During a 5 Day Silent Retreat while walking in the back pasture I came upon a four-inch long dried up grasshopper impaled on a hard, dry two-inch long mesquite tree thorn. I was startled and fascinated, and snapped the whole twig off and brought it in, pondering it's significance.

Participants write down their questions for me, and I respond a couple of times a day. When I walked back inside, of course the big question of why God lets awful things happen came up. A woman wondered why her son died in Afganistan. Others had similar questions. Of course!

There's the human perspective and the Large Self perspective

First I soothed her very precious human sorrow, reminding her that her son is in bliss, but acknowledged that she was suffering from missing him and finding it hard to let him go. Then, delighted and amused that the impaled grasshopper had come to me in such perfectly magical timing, I brought it out and passed it around.

I posed some questions.
Is not God the grasshopper? Is not God both the thorn and the grasshopper? Is not God what everything and everyone is made of? How could God be absent from anything that happens? Are those who experience difficulties in this life not God in a physical body, having this experience on Earth? Isn't God experiencing it through us?

Why would mountain climbers spend thousands of dollars, years of training, and weeks in sub zero temperatures, risking almost certain death or loss of frostbitten toes or fingers to climb Mount Everest? Why would race car drivers deliberately risk their lives at speeds of 250 miles per hour?

Why do people pay to see horror movies and violent dramas of danger and mayhem? Why do some people relish fighting in hand to hand combat or war? Why do they choose to go back again and again to terrible fights with their loved ones?

We come here for the adventure, the contrast.

Doesn't Life seem to delight in all manner of dramas and an infinite variety of adventures? I pointed outside to the pasture, and remarked about the coyotes who eat the rabbits, and the hawks who eat the birds, and how God is both the hawk and the bird, and how they all play their roles and let go to their endings when it's time.

In the Larger perspective any and all of these adventures are but the blink of an eye, and each of us returns to Oneness, and all is well. Most of us don't remember choosing to embark on these adventures, and so we dive fully but blindly into our physical lives, fully immersing ourselves in the reality of it. Beings constantly enter and exit the physical realm just like shoppers enter and exit the mall. And wouldn't it take something away from our Earth experience if we didn't fully buy into the reality of it?

You and I cannot live for nor vibrate for everyone on the planet--they get to choose how to do that for themselves. Each person is literally the center of the Universe--their own Universe. We can help and influence in whatever way we are guided to, and they benefit to whatever degree they can let it in. Sometimes we are guided to mind our own business, and other times to reach out.

We help the most by keeping our vibration high, by lifting the collective vibration any time it is dropping. Joining in sorrow and despair and lowering the collective vibration helps no one, and only takes us down to that lower place.

I too sometimes lose that Larger perspective and momentarily think, "Oh, no! This is so wrong!" before remembering to step back into Larger perspective, and remember, it's all an experience in an eternity of experiences, and Life chooses to participate in all manner of experience. When the dinosaurs were wiped out by the large meteor that hit Earth, it wasn't a failure, and it wasn't wrong--it was a stage of evolution.

The Presence is with me through it all

I AM that Presence in physical form. I am never abandoned. I chose my adventures and my challenges. The Presence is with me and in me.

The only questions are: "Am I there for myself, or do I abandon myself?" "Do I abandon The Presence, get out of alignment with my Large Self, and go off down dark tunnels of despair?"

Most importantly, as you are choosing the life experience you choose, you cannot expect everyone else to do the same. You can create a life of joy and ease, and not encounter disasters. As your vibrational set point rises, you become less and less likely to line up with disasters.

I plan to depart this planet deliberately when I choose to, without the need to set up an "accident", disaster, or illness. It is possible. Awake and aware people have done it, and I've even practiced a bit--just enough to show myself I can do it, but not quite exiting. People in disasters are choosing to depart, although usually not consciously. There are no accidental deaths.

Every single time I have tapped in to someone who is suffering, dying, or just departed their spirit is in bliss, and soaring, but I have to be in a high vibration to connect with their bliss. If you experience anything but bliss when you contact someone's Large Self or someone who's deceased, it is YOUR vibration you're experiencing, not theirs.

I felt into my own father's Large Self at a time when his human self was in suffering, and deep beneath his conscious understanding, bubbling, effervescent joy was all there was. I was awake outside under a starry sky all night the night he died, soaring with him in his liberation from a disease-wracked body. I never shed a tear for my father's passing, because I authentically never felt sorrow for his departure from that body. I think of him often, and laugh with him, and direct humorous comments to him at times. He comes in the form of a bright yellow bird sometimes and tries to get through the window screen in front of my desk, just a foot away.

I recently tapped in to a little girl in a coma to see if assistance in healing might be in order, and all there was inside of her was bliss. She passed away eventually and all was well. Her Large Self was, of course, ecstatic. Your Large Self always is. At the center of every hurricane is stillness and absolute peace.

All is always well at the core of your being.

Physical and Non-Physical Aid

There are two ways you can help those who've been affected by a stressful event, like the Japanese Tsunami.

The first is non-physical: Do not call them victims. There are no victims anywhere, only those who are not yet fully aware. See only solutions and possibilities, and keep your vibration as high as you can. That's the way The Presence sees it. Intend not to dip into the lower emotions about it, which only adds to the lower vibration and actually impedes recovery.
You'll notice in my session recordings, I NEVER go DOWN to where a client is, and I never see them as victimized or broken. That would hurt them, not help them. My aim is to get them back in their power quickly as possible, and that often happens in a single session. The way Jesus healed and uplifted was that he saw you so whole, no disease or distress could abide in his "vortex", his field of resonance. You could say his vibration was so strong it pulled people up from theirs in seconds. Use the Japan situation to practice this.
The second way you could contribute is physical, with good ol' money. My pick for direct physical aid is the Prem Rawat Foundation because I know it's legitimate.

The Prem Rawat Foundation - Donate to Japan Tsunami Relief and others.
Prem Rawat, also known to his students by the affectionate name of Maharaji, has been dear to my heart since 1985 when I received an initiation from one of his instructors, and practiced his meditation an hour a day for 11 years. Anything this man does is in the highest integrity and power. You can donate to many causes on his site, and you can be sure your money will go to relief. http://www.tprf.org/

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