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Why Adults Get Jaded - Now Get Baby Fresh Eyes!

Humans do it all the time. At first the new lover, the new spiritual teacher, the new book, the new job, dress, or house is so "incredibly amazing." 
It's magical, it's new, it's "wow."

"I've never experienced anything like this," you rave.
Then one day that feeling is less intense... 
... and then not so amazing at all anymore.
You may think "it" has changed.
You don't realize it's you.

"It" is as miraculous as it ever was--but before, your mind WAS focused mainly on the magic--now it has refocused on what's wrong, or missing, or you're not really there at all.

What you're seeing hasn't changed.

How you're seeing it has.

Psychologists call this "habituation," the human tendency to just plain get-used-to and then take for granted what was once miraculously magical and wonderful.

In Divine Openings terms, we stop experiencing it fresh in the moment.

Our baby fresh eyes become adult eyes that only see their stories, their projections, and too many negatives.

With a person, for example: 

  • We label and categorize them, put them in a box, and build our story about them.
  • We think we have them figured out--done, over!
  • We don't really experience THEM anymore. 
  • We experience our story about them, our concept of them--not THEM.

The magic of life goes away when we're like that.

But it doesn't have to be gone forever.

Portal 2 helps you bring the magic back......helps you rediscover in-the-moment experience and wonder. 

Moving through the Portals is a process that leads you step by step, week by week, through your awakening and deepening. 

You can't stuff a years-long, experiential spiritual path into a blog, but I can give you one powerful exercise right now.

It will work (and last) if you are vibrationally ready for it.

A gift from us from Portal 2: Baby Fresh Eyesbaby eyes

  • Go out and take a walk, and don't label anything. 
  • Just gaze at everything softly, in wonder, with no mind. 
  • Each time your mind tries to name, label, or call up history/story about it, softly say: 
    "Let me experience everything as if I'd never seen it before. As if I don't know what it is, and don't even want to figure it out but just enjoy it. As if I had Baby Fresh Eyes."
  • Go through your day as if you know absolutely nothing about anything. 

Your Baby Fresh Eyes will return, and will stay if you're vibrationally prepared to sustain it (and if you don't go back into story.) 

Ease and Innocence,
Lola Jones

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