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Who's This Honey, Anyway?

EmilyWho's This Honey, Anyway?
by Emily 

A new awareness has begun to seep into my line of vision lately.  It involves the little moments. And it involves my growing relationship with a honey or a sweetie.  And that’s the funny part!  I haven’t even known exactly who this honey or sweetie is!  But she is a part of me. 

It’s only since discovering Divine Openings and the expansive lens it offers that I have come to recognize how instinctively I have historically disregarded the little, continuous messages sent by my body.  When working on a project or even simply tackling a mountain of dishes, my body nudges me with hunger, yet I push onward, determined to finish the tasks at hand before nourishing myself.  Returning home from work with a raging migraine, I stay up and watch a movie or get lost on Facebook instead of climbing into bed and going to sleep as my body is suggesting.  Choosing to go out socially when I really need silence and time to come back home to myself. 

These are all small, seemingly harmless choices yet they mute the messages I hear from my body and Large Self.  I used to think it was the big choices that mattered the most.  I understand more and more that it’s actually the small choices that have the biggest influence on our big choices and on our lives because they establish and maintain a vibrational pattern.

And here’s where this honey or sweetie come in.  I’ve been forming a new relationship with my body and it turns out there’s a sweetie in there!  In the past, I met any uncomfortable bodily symptoms with annoyance and often-even anger.  When chronic health conditions set in, I felt betrayed by my body.  My small choices to disregard my body’s seemingly little, meaningless messages actually reflected to my body how much I valued it. Now my conversations are different.  When fatigue sets in, I notice this and lie down for a nap or stop what I’m doing and take a load off.  And how quickly I feel restored!  When I am flooded with anxiety, I hear myself say, “ Hi sweetie.  I’m right here with you. 

Ohhhh, I can feel this. Yes.  It’s totally fine to feel this right now.  I’m right here with you.”  And something inside me softens into the physical responses and they ease.  Sometimes I wake in the night very hungry and need to get up and eat.  It’s a quirky thing I’ve experienced for many years (and only recently discovered was related to an Ancient Mind vibration…that’s for another time!). The other night, as I woke into my hunger, I heard myself saying, “Oh, honey, yes, you’re really hungry.  Let’s get up and eat something. I’m right here with you.”  And my normal annoyance at the need to get up and eat was absent and simply replaced by a loving acceptance.  And then I traipsed downstairs with this honey I’m coming to know and we ate a little somethingJ

As I continue to joyously expand with my Divine Openings lens, my vibrational awareness only increases. Over the last few years, I’ve become aware of numerous lower vibrational patterns in my life that I haven’t been a fan of!  And it has felt daunting to imagine how they could possibly shift upward over time!  Whether it is physical illness, anxiety, or even a vibrational habit of being late to things, they all begin to move with ease and Grace when I do my 10%, which turns out to involve noticing the small choices I’m making in the little moments.  Who knew that this would ultimately cultivate this beautiful, loving relationship between my Large and small sweeties within?!  And how unimaginably transformative this would end up being!

Loads of LOVE to you ALL!


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