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Where's Your Power with Politics?

Where's Your Power with Politics?
by Lola Jones 

I'm writing to you from a place of great peace and calm, and I invite you to tap in.

One of my gifts is the ability to create a powerful vortex of vibration that is so strong others can attune to it and be lifted. The more often you attune to it, the stronger and more habitual it becomes within you. At some point you can sustain it yourself most of the time, and you stay connected with us because we feel like home.

Yesterday I noticed that people I talk to who have reached that place of inner power from practicing Divine Openings (or something that works equally well) are feeling good. They are not in fear about the current political situation. They're not even talking about it. Their peace and power is sourced from within, so if that gets shaken it is brief 

They're holding lightly to their vision of the reality they want, remembering that outer reality is temporary and ever-shifting. They know politics doesn't create their reality.

They know that outer conditions created by a collective consciousness that doesn't match their vibration will not always please them.

They're informed, but they're not passively binge-watching nor letting it dominate their vibration. They are committed to always choosing their own vibration. They take actions rather than complain, because they know complaining drops their vibration, and proactive thought and action raises it.

If they are active in politics, speaking out, marching, posting on social media, or writing letters or articles, their actions are fueled by wisdom, compassion and caring, not hate or victimhood. They insist on productive and positive focus 

They know to...

Let "challenges" and "what we don't want"
fuel powerful movement toward change. 


How to apply this on a daily practical level:

  • Witness your feelings and thoughts. If you feel fear, if you stop and listen, you will hear the scary stories you're telling yourself, playing in the background.

  • Catch yourself in the early stages of making up scary stories and soothe yourself that they are your imagination being used in a way that brings you down.

  • Notice who you are when you're in the grip of scary stories. Do you feel powerful? Is that your Largest Self? Is that who you choose to be?

  • Use your imagination deliberately, only to make the inner movies you want, because you are a Powerful Creator. Watch where you point it!

  • Vibrate only what you want more of in your life. For example, if you want to be prosperous, vibrate proactive power and choice, not fear or doubt.

  • If you're vibrating scared, lackful, and victim energy ("it's not fair, we've been wronged") ask yourself, "Is this a vibration I want more of?"

  • If you do get stuck in victimhood, depression, or sadness, use anger as you would use a stick of dynamite, to blast yourself up the Instrument Panel. 

  • Go within to the Void often to get empty. Then take powerful, guided action in your personal and community life.

I am fully aware that if you are not actively practicing Divine Openings, this message could be frustrating--it might even enrage some.


If you're depressed or sad, anger is a huge improvement. The dynamite of brief anger serves you. Get mad at them. Let it get you unstuck and moving. 

But don't stay in anger or it will hurt you. Keep moving up into the empowered zone. This is explained in depth in the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, now in it's 10th Anniversary Edition. Get the new edition if you don't yet have it.

I invite you to explore Divine Openings if you haven't.

PLEASE send this right now to everyone you know who is suffering or worried... or who just wants improvement on a great life, or in a certain resistant area.

If they're in fear or worry, tell them this crazy spiritual teacher is inviting them to get angry and dynamite it, ha ha!

Give yourself and others this Grace--this chance at peace that passes understanding.


PS - 

Do something that brings you joy today and feel it amp up your power. The world needs you powerful and happy.

We're going whale watching.


Sing! It Is Well With My Soul

Everyone's latest favorite chant in the Five Day Bliss Retreats is called It Is Well, by Bethel Music with Kristene DiMarco. 

Since thoughts run through your mind anyway, you might as well pick thoughts that raise your vibration. This will. I'm singing to it right now because it feels so good. You can get it for $1.29 on iTunes.

I also recommend Deva Premal and Miten's CD, A Deeper Light to chant along with and raise you to the Heavens.


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