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When Your Snowball Gets Rolling, and New Podcast Show

Thank you for your emails about the wonderful things that are happening for you as a result of Divine Openings. Thank you for being in our community.... it’s about to get a LOT bigger.

Something magical and wonderful is happening. A woman in a very small town had a fabulous Divine experience while reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. She felt led to tell others about Divine Openings, and she contacted me. We became phone friends.

Turns out she’s known by millions around the world, and has a very, very large reach. Kate (I’ll be introducing her to you shortly) will literally tell the world about about Divine Openings on June 25.... next week!

This is such a cool story, and I tell it to inspire you about what can happen for you when you “let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.” .... At first I told her, “Oh my God, Kate, I’m not ready! That many visitors will crash my website and put me in a spin!  Give me a while to get ready, hire an assistant, and get my vibration up to speed with this, so I can handle it with ease and grace.... and still have a balanced life!”

I had no clue how to do any of that except the “get my vibration up” part. But as those of you who have done Divine Openings know, this work accelerates and smooths everything when you let The Divine do the heavy lifting. I let go, and did a little shopping for a web master.

Within two days, a Divine Openings Level One graduate (who knew NOTHING about my need) emailed me with a long, detailed plan for an awesome website. It was the site I’d been dreaming of ... but way bigger and better! Not only that, his plan was brilliant, he is cool and fun to work with, and he is absolutely passionate about Divine Openings. He and his wife did the 5-Day Silent Intensive. We blasted off with miraculous Grace.

It is now five weeks since Kate contacted me. I have a super-sophisticated new site, and a hand-picked-by-God, can-do-it-all assistant, Crystal. She had also already done Divine Openings Level 1, saw my help wanted ad on Craig’s list, and called me. This is her dream job, and I am so blessed by her help. She’s good at everything I am not. We have a team of four and growing now, plus 14 people who can now give Divine Openings! I am blown away.

When you go to the new site to receive your gifts, you’ll love the articles, fun features, art gallery, blog ...... and so many awesome things. When you take a class and become a member you can enter the Virtual Classroom, get audio downloads, play on the chat forum, create a member profile, and share your dreams, business resources, and talents with other members who are in the flow of Divine Order. I’m envisioning budding romances, new partnerships, miraculous serendipities for you members ....... wheeee!

I want YOU to be the FIRST to experience the completely NEW website.

On Wednesday, June 27, new friends worldwide from Kate's vast spiritual email list will being coming to the site to play and expand with all of us. You’ll get to meet them as you each fill out your member profiles. Imagine making friends in Europe, China, Romania, as well as the states, to accompany you in your awakening and continual expansion!


 A woman who took Level 1 months ago wrote recently and said she'd received a healing from pain just by going to the site and gazing at one of the Divine Energy infused works of art.

.........I know! It continues to amaze me too.

It’s a continual wonder to hear how many people already visit the site just for
an uplift. Well, that's what it's for! Now there’s even more to go there for.


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