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When Someone is Suicidal, Desperate, or Broke

happysadfacesHolidays and special occasions can bring depression, because the mind says, "Look at all those other happy people--I don't have what they have--and I never will at this rate."

Let me offer what can be a lifesaver to anyone experiencing desperation or suicidal thoughts.

The following may not work for people who have no foundation in Divine Openings, but I can truly say that in my 14 years I've seen Divine Openings work consistently for people who apply it.

Those who take the main track, the 5 Portals of Awakening, and immerse themselves in the pleasurable practices every day, consistently improve.

Their commitment plus the boost of Grace does it.

Very rarely I get an email from someone in very serious trouble.

They're desperate and they reach out for help.

They're broke, or suicidal, or in a few cases both.

I am blessed to have the ability to make a big difference.

Often an email does it.

Here's an email I just sent to one such person, and she felt immediate relief and hope.

She just wasn't applying her Divine Openings knowledge, and now she is:

"Hi dear, please intend to receive soothing Divine Mother hugs from me every night for a while. 

Divine Openings got your energy moving, and apparently there are some things moving that are hard for you to allow.

You spiritual bypassed your feelings for a long time... I’ll be honest here…. to look like everything was cool.

(Those of you reading this, your resistance may be of a different flavor.... what is it you don't want to feel, admit, or let anyone know?)

Now the emotions are MOVING. 
This is good.
  • Stop identifying with the feelings. 
  • They are not YOU, even as you feel them fully. 
  • They are energy moving.
This old pattern of things "always going wrong" is not, as you fear, "sick, or a curse to bear."
It’s just human, and you got conditioned that way accidentally.
Now let that old story go.
This WILL move. It always does with the help of Grace. 
If you get truly suicidal in any moment, call a suicide prevention hotline IMMEDIATELY and talk to them till you feel better.
Do it each time you need it.
Those are passing moments.
You are blessed to have government assistance.
Rave about that. No shame! No blame.
I learned long ago NOT to take on the responsibility of everyone's problems--I can't.
I do enough and give enough.
If I gave free private sessions I’d be overwhelmed with literally thousands of people... so here’s what I suggest.
You need structure, so PRIORITIZE this. 
I did this EVERY SINGLE DAY at one time long ago:
  • Make a list of things that raise your vibration to start your day, and do it every single morning and before you sleep.
  • Use the things at the back of the first book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, to choose from, plus more that you know from your online courses, etc.
  • Reread the first book slowly, daily, and feel into it. 
  • Intend to move energy in your dreams.
  • Prostrate several times a day and give it OVER. If it comes back, prostrate again.
  • Do the FREE 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge I’m offering and write on the Forum for support.
I was once the Queen of Relationship Disappointment.
Divine Openings ended it, but I did my 10%.
Say, "I forgive myself for creating this."
You are blessed that all those boyfriends left.
Either it wasn’t real or you weren’t ready to attract and keep a real one, a good one.
You will be.
Ease and grace,
PS -- For those who can afford it, take the main track, the 5 Portals of Awakening for constant daily support and input, and get your momentum moving upward fast.

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